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  1. We also need advice on an old debt which is now with Lowells. Where can I post for that please? It is dated for 1997!!!!
  2. It was struck out of court in Feb, as they had no paper work on the day of the hearing. Since then they have now reapplied for another hearing in Sept 09 can they do this? It is in the same court house, would another Judge overturn the first Judges decision? They have come up with the paper work this time and sent it to us and the court. Will we have to change our defense this time as they have sent all the correct paper work? Thanks for any advice. FP.
  3. Thanks GodMother. We went to court and R&W did not have the correct paper work, the Judge gave them another month to find it. We have since had all the paper work sent to us and we are wondering whether we can change our defense? Could we try to change it to, the fact that they did not have it in the first place? They had months to sort this out with the court date looming. Thanks again FP.
  4. Thanks GodMother. They have had months to sort this out. When they took it to another court they put a stay on it and that is what they wanted lifted, but its a joke now far too long it has taken them and still nothing.
  5. Hi Steven, Went to court on the 2nd and the judge has given them another month to come up with all the documentation, as they did not have it with them. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Steven, Today we received our court date 2nd of Feb 09. Is there anything else we can do now? And will we have to take anything with us when we attend? Thanks for all your help. FP.
  7. There is always one and you are it! I think this is the wrong forum for you. You know nothing about my circumstances I strongly suggest you keep your nose out.
  8. The people on here have been very helpful indeed. Maybe you should look elsewhere!
  9. Thanks Steven, I have given you all the info we have and now I am totally lost. I dont think we can find any of the original info as we have moved many times since first taking out the loan.
  10. We did make payments but not for that long and only now and again.
  11. Thanks for getting back to us Steven, what can we do now if anything?
  12. i hope these are the documents requested, thanks again for all your help, it is very much appreciated. application notice page 1.pdf application notice page 2.pdf application notice page 3.pdf notice of tranfer 2.pdf notice of transfer.pdf
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