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  1. Further to my post, perhaps offer £4000, stress this is your maximum, see what the reply is, then you have some room to negotiate, maybe eventually meet in the middle, or they may say they will accept £5000. Don't waste your time phoning, you will not be able to think on the spot, and the muppet you are talking to has no authority regarding settlements, writing a letter is always best. Send it recorded though.
  2. Hi there, I had a car loan for a similar amount, got settlement from them. I had never missed or reduced a payment. I wrote a nice letter, offering to pay a substantially lower figure. They wrote back, declining, but saying they would accept another figure, which equated to £1500 off the original settlement figure. I raced to the postbox! Then sold the car once I was able to, and got a cheaper one. Some agreements have a halfway mark hand car back clause which I have used before when I ended up owing more than what the car was worth, but Blackhorse are crafty and don't include this on
  3. Its me again, Some bits I missed....I haven't got an option of consolidation, that's what got us here in the first place really. Almost certain no loan would be available anywhere. 2 loans are at in-house collections agencys, one at a dca. 2 cc at in-house, 3cc still with original lenders collection departments. No interest being added which is why we have stayed on the DMP, if interest was still going on would have looked at other options. All of the full and final idea is still just an idea, it might not even happen, depends on how my relative's affairs work out. I just
  4. Hello Jax and TBC, Thanks for your quick responses. TBC in response to your comment, the reasoning behind my thoughts regarding borrowing the money would be 1) to pay off the debts quicker, 2) peace of mind knowing there will be no hassle from creditors 3) pay back less money in total. I am thinking that the creditors have had a fair deal from us, and indeed they often have mentioned reduced settlements in the past. The thing that worries me about cca'ing them is that it seems to leave the debt exposed to the possibility of more interest being added. Our creditors thoug
  5. Hello all, We have been on a DMP with CCCS for 8yrs. I am appalled to admit our debts had reached nearly £90,000. This was through utter stupidity on our part (several refinances paying interest on interest, and paying bills on credit cards), and the lenders' irresponsibility and poor and misleading advice. We went to the bank before we had missed any payments as we realised that we were in serious trouble, whos solution was to try and lend more! We then discovered CCCS, who put us on a DMP still before there were any missed payments. These are all unsecured debts taken out in 2001
  6. Hi Belville, Feel free to contact me, though I'm no expert by any means but I 'll do my best!
  7. Yes....do it! And stick with it... I don't mean to be intrusive or presume anything, but is your Mother still working at 69? If not, I would have thought this and the medical history are grounds alone for mis-selling the PPI. Especially the dreadful lump sum type. LTSB are pretty shameless how they treat older people. They let my friends 73yo Aunt have 2 credit cards, she was on basic state pension, poorly, and got in a right mess. You could investigate whether the bank has acted in your Mother's best interests at all, by lending in the first place i.e. "irresponsible lending". I hav
  8. Update I have spoken to the FOS and the DCA, and it seems best to just let the bank pay the premium and interest straight to the DCA. I will keep an eye on it just to make sure. Still a great result, I have also managed to get our 2 LTSB PPIs refunded. The interest was an nice bonus, at approx £650 per loan. This has resulted in their two balances being halved. Happy days.. Many thanks to all the people's threads I have gained info from on here and MSE. And for giving me determination to not get beaten, even when they ignore you, then eventually say no, just keep on at it! A re
  9. Thanks for the replies. I see your point about sharing the refund with other creditors Goldlady, but it also does add weight to the bank and DCA being linked theory. I don't think it will be enough to full and final it, because I asked for the CCA a while back, and I believe the FOS has just recently had a copy of it. Thus the DCA will, I imagine, stick it out for more money. Like PGH has said, at least it is a reduction in the overall balance whatever happens...
  10. Thanks for your reply Rhia. I am now beginning to wonder if indeed the bank and DCA are linked as thinking about PGH's comment, I don't think I had an assignment letter, just one out of the blue from the DCA demanding payment in full. This came through 2 days after my third complaint letter arrived there. It is hard to not be suspicious when dealing with these people but it struck me as well timed. I am reluctant to name the bank and DCA at this stage because matters are still ongoing, I'm not being evasive but just do not want to say too much until the money is banked! I was only trying
  11. Thanks for your reply PGH, I haven't got that far yet, I have to let the FOS know that I accept the bank's offer. I thought I would seek others advice before responding. When I said linked I meant that the DCA doesn't seem to be a subsidiary company of the bank, like BLS is LloydsTSB. I have some comfort in the fact the FOS is overseeing matters, so the bank cannot do just what it likes:)
  12. Hello all, a newbie here, I have at last managed with the help of the FOS to get the PPI to be refunded on a loan . This is a fantastic result, as the PPI is about a third of the total loan amount outstanding. The bank are going to pay the money into the loan account, which is in arrears (I've been on a DMP for 5yrs). The account was transferred to a DCA some time ago. From looking on here I don't think the bank and DCA are linked. I would value anyone's opinion please on the following: As the DCA have bought the debt for a reduced amount, would there be any way of striking a d
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