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  1. Thanks for the quick reply Silverfox , i will get something sorted this evening
  2. Hi all any help advice from anyone with a similar experience would be much appreciated…….I have recently sent a SAR off to CAP1 as I have an outstanding account in default with them and up until recently have not been in a position to start repayment, however no that I am I would like to reclaim any charges / PPI that I am owed and repay the balance.However I have now received a reply from CAP1 saying that the signature on my SAR doesn’t match the one held on file and they will not release the documents until I send them a copy of my Driving Licence or Passport.They have acknowledged the £10.00 fee, but CAP1 are also saying that the 40 day limit will not start until they receive the correct documentation.Can anyone advise what I action I should take next?Thanks in advance BHP
  3. hi, i am wondering if anyone can help me or clarify if the code of practice is applicable in this instance, i have received numerous letters from eon since 19 dec 08 for an unpaid energy bill which dates back to oct 2003. After various telephone calls and eventually a meter reading it was found there were 2 meters contained within the 1 building which had confused me seeing as a bill had been paid by dd every month. The ground floor is clasified as business - bill paid by dd every month The flat above business premises is clasified as domestic - no bill issued for 5 years for this meter. Can eon actually recover the full 5 years bills? All help is greatly appreciated Thanks BHP
  4. thanks you all for your help, unfortunatly its a council pcn so theres no way of getting out of it then??? bhp
  5. hi all, i have received several fines that relate to a company vehicle of which i am the registered keeper but not always the driver, the drivers of the van are being very tight lipped about who actually received the fine, is there anything i can do?? all help very much appreciated. thanks bhp
  6. hi everyone, i am wondering if i should send a sar to creation as i had a card with them around 2000-2002 which i got hammered with charges on, has anyone had any success with claiming charges back from this time period, i would appreciate your input cheers bhp
  7. hello again and thank you for the replies.... in answer to your question ripped off again - it is a company called phillips collection services based in doncaster, i have contacted them but not the most helpfull as you can imagine. in answer yo your question gwc1000 i have checked all the associated paperwork from the crash & that vehicle and haven't found a reply as that was the first thing i checked when this all came about. thanks again bhp
  8. hello newby here, i was wondering if anyone can help duing feb 07 i wrote my car off just before the tax was due to expire, it was taken to a secure compound where it remained until the insurance company settled with myself and the owner of the garage. at the time i had alot of paper work to complete but do recall sending the sorn off, but now am facing a collection company pursuing me for £80. can anyone help?? thanks
  9. hello all newbie here, in the last 7 months i have been charged £1900 in charges, £900 of that was last month alone. I have sent the 1st letter to request the charges back admitidly before i found this site (letter found on this money site) my questions are... 1. has anyone had any recent success in reclaiming business charges 2. is it best to wait to pursue through the courts please, please help thank you official natwest hater
  10. Hi all newby here, i have just been charged £900 in charges for 1 month from the natwest on my business account, i have totaled up all my charges + interest for 7 months which comes to just short of £2000. i have sent the 1st letter to the bank initially requesting my charges back and am prepared to fight for all the charges back. has anyone had similar issues with the natwest???
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