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  1. Letter received on 22/8/06 from Tommy McLean at Customer relations saying that we believe the charges are fair blah blah, and that therefore the charges will stand. LBA sent today.
  2. Today is the 22/8/06 and as I have had no reply whatsoever to the LBA I have filed my claim on moneyclaim. £312.00 + £50.00 c/costs. Will keep you posted.
  3. Cheers Good luck for your claim.
  4. It really does work. After Mr Uddy advised me that the £96 was their final offer I applied to court for £64.00 plus the £30.00 costs. That was on 27/7/06. Today 17/8/06 I have recieved a letter dated 15/8/06 offering full settlement of the £94.00. (not the greatest amount in the world but in total £160.00 reclaimed which is my money !!!!! Excellent. Keep at it guys, it really is worth it. Will be making my donation right now !!!!!
  5. I have just read this from start to finish, and found it extremley interesting. i ownder if someone would have any ideas in this scenario. My husband had a loan with Lloyds TSB, which he paid off in August 2005. When we moved and remortgaged we decided to get rid of all our loans. So he went into the branch and asked what the remaining balance was, they could not find the original contract but advised him that there was £4000.00 odd outstanding. Any ideas if we could write to them now, or is it too late as we've reapid the debt in full ? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi there been doing this for a little while now so thought I would share my experiences with you so far. Data Protection Act sent and statements recieved back within a week. Totted up the charges and they came to a whopping £312.00 (my credit limit was only ever £250 !!!!!) So preliminary letter sent on 1/7/06, and recieved a letter date 11/7/06 saying we will look into your claim by 1/8/06. Letter received on 21/7/06 saying sorry about your complaint, charges are fair etc etc yawn yawn, but they would refund me £156.00 if I went away. If I did not want to accept the terms and condit
  7. Good luck Dave, Hope it all goes well for you. As for my user name, well as you can see my name is helen so I was always called melons from a young age at school and it has stuck ever since. Nothing to do with anything else ha ha
  8. Hi, been going along with this for a while now so just thought I'd update you fine people with my progress. statments requested since the account was opened in April 2004. totted up the total charges which came to £160.00. Preliminary letter sent, then letter received offering me £96. (I had been charged £20 8 times, and so they offered me £12 refund for every £20 they had charged me) Wrote back saying I still wanted the remaining £64 or I will send to court. They wrote back and said that £96 was their final offer. So on 27/7/06 court application made for £64 plus inte
  9. Just thought I would share my experiences so far with you fine people. Letter sent requesting bank statements for the past six years on my Royalties premier account on 15/5/06, with a £10 cheque clerly requesting full subject access request and bank statement for the past 6 years. Letter recived back dated 25/5/06 asking did I want to have just the bank statments (which would be £5) or a full subject access request. Wrote back on 10/6/06 advising that as previoulsy stated I requested a full subject access request (Is it just me or are they trying to stall me here?) letter
  10. Hi, Totally addicted to this site, how fantastic. I was a student a few years ago and managed to get myself into quite a mess, the bank charges didn't help either. So decided to go for it and reclaim what is rightfully mine. sent letter requesting statements 10 days ago. I have recieved an acknowledgement letter saying that they will send all the requested statements directly to me. I reckon I am going to be quite shocked when I add up what I am owed. I will update as my case progressess. Good luck to you all.
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