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  1. Inca, have you checked with the post office in Chesterfield to see if the postal order has been cashed yet. The number is 01246 542091 They will give you a date if it has.
  2. I was thinking of sending a CCA request on both accounts if only to see if they had lost/destroyed them - I am fairly sure they will be enforceable as the accounts are only just over 12 months old.
  3. That did cross my mind to be honest - the agent that signed me up for the loans left rather suddenly!
  4. Hi Inca. Not all deliveries are logged on the RM website, you need to ring 08459 272100 to get confirmation as it may have been a bulk delivery with only one signature for the lot. As far as the PO is concerened, ring 01246 542091 and quote your voucher ID number off the receipt that was given to you when you purchased the order - they can tell you if it has been cashed along with details of when and by whom. M Postal Orders are dealt with by The Post Office and not Royal Mail.
  5. I have a couple of outstanding loans to Provident that I have been paying a reduced weekly payment of £1.50 (should be £30). I received a phone call from my local office late on Friday from the office manager saying that she would like to call on me to sign a 'new agreement' for the total balance on the accounts (a little over 1k) with reduced payments of around £7 or £8 per week ....... she went on to say that the alternative is court action. Why would they need me to sign a new agreement :-? They seem pretty desperate for me to do so.
  6. :D I love they way they all file into work behind each other ....
  7. 1st Credit Limited Have a look at the 'mindless automatons' all following each other into their 'posh' new den .... listen to the drivel, put faces to the names and generally sit back and have a laugh! £240m purchased 3 billion quid of debt! Take a look .... watch their promotional film:rolleyes: 1st Credit
  8. That's not a bad way of looking at it really ....... Yes the letter is spot on ....
  9. It's a cracker .... thank you:smile: Yeah I did notice the address details ... I might try and check this LCS bunch out in the morning ... I have been quietly seething about these idiots all day and would really like to tell them to poke the alleged debt where the sun don't shine and to get on and do their worst ....:-x:-x
  10. Hi everyone, Early today I sent a S.A.R request to 1st credit by recorded delivery and when I returned from the post office this had been delivered in the post ..... 6 months to send the copy (received 25th/26th June) and then this sent 24hours later ............... t***'s :mad:
  11. Okay .... I can't remember having ever received a 'notice of assignment' regarding this account, my request for a copy CCA was made to 1st Credit on 28th December 2007 ... I received the 'copy' last week. Ah... I have just gone over my file on the matter and discovered that 1st Credit sent me an Assignment Notice on the 11th January 2008, this was attached to the back of a letter confirming receipt of my CCA request. Guess that answers it then ..... 1st Credit seem to own the debt! M
  12. Dave, thanks again for taking the time to look that up for me, it's appreciated and I will get onto it first thing in the morning Oh, I do have one quick question about your letter ... do I send it to 1st Credit or direct to the original creditor, Aqua Visa Card? Mike
  13. I have never had a call that early ... about 6 or 7 minutes to 8 has been the earliest ... I thought that DCA's were not suppose to start their collecting activity until 8am - or is that just duff info I have picked up?
  14. RMA are on my case, was receiving a couple of call every other day so I sent the 'telephone harassment' letter and since receiving that they have stepped up the calls to 2 each day, always 15 minutes apart .. I have logged their calls at times as early as 07:53 and as late as 20:50. I have sent a second letter to them adding that should they continue to call me I would ' terminated each and every call by just hanging up' .... still getting them calling every day, twice a day! My next move is going to be .... to have the 'harassment letter' translated into 20 different languages and
  15. Hello Dave, Is there a template letter covering these issues that I could send to 1st Credit?
  16. I'm in quite a good position to take risks .. I'm single and live in rented accommodation, I have no assets whatsoever with only IB as an income .... they won't get much out of me if I loose:D
  17. Thanks Pinky, I'll do that, actually it would be interesting to see just how much of the debt is made up of charges!
  18. Thinking about it .... maybe I will raise the issue of 'creditors signature' with 1st Credit and see what happens before I roll over and start paying them again ....
  19. Thank you all for your input on this .... sadly, it really just confirms my own thoughts on the matter, it's not the end of the world just a few hundred quid - I will see if I can reinstate the 'nominal payments' with 1st Credit ... can cope with £1.50 per month:) It was me who blacked out the written information on the form, however the '1st Credit' narration was already on it when I received it ... assume it was Aqua/Halifax that marked up!
  20. I would like to respond to 1st Credit later today and in order I do so appropriately it would be really helpful if I could get views on the validity of my CCA copy from more 'knowledgeable' CAG members ... if it is valid then I can deal with it accordingly.
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