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  1. Right click the image save to desktop and open with windows live photo gallery.if that dont work i aint a clue.
  2. Each party was responsible for its own legal fees due to an agreement made by my solicitor with the finance company solicitors,that was we both bear our own costs on the basis i was being reasonable stopping payments which was my contractual right to do so as the contract does not comply,(The finance company stated i was not entitled to stop payments) this was found to be untrue and i was advised to stop payments immediately,therefore for 14 months i refused to pay nearly £500 pcm totalling about £6000 in total,therefore i was still driving a vehicle without paying,so that was to be treated as
  3. Dont be patronizing i have been severely ill and hospitalized for several months,i attach the letters after the case was concluded with great sucess but at a big barristers bill,but in the end i won. The finance company and the credit referance agencies concerned where reporting a default when there could not possible be one as the contract was not enforceable by law,the vehicle supplied was not the vehicle on the credit agreement,my monthly payments were rescinded and the referance agencies reported a default,unfortunately for them this was illegal as they had no evidence and the finance co
  4. My case is very complex and i have been in 12 months of dialog with the agreement holders and the people who sold me the agreement, and failed to supply what it states on the invoice and the regulated credit agreement,i had no other choice to spend considerable amounts of money after the 12 months to instruct a solicitor and barrister to clarify to these people i am determined to take you to court to get what i am entitled to by law,they both understood what my position was from the start,but kept telling me i have no entitlement to rescind the contract,they then ruined my credit rating to whi
  5. I consulted a top London Barrister independantly and he consults with my Solicitor,you assume right, it is expensive but to see the evidence in writing is a joy to provide to the people who think they are above the law.
  6. At this present moment in time i cannot post any letters due to the legal nature of my case between the 3 companies concerned at the moment,and we dont know who is genuine on this site and could put my case at risk,but i will post when the case has been finalised.but i will post the final letter from Experian received this week to restore my rating back to normal,just give me a couple of hours to do this.
  7. Sounds as though you have a letter of reply simular to what they sent me,give them 24 hours to remove it or you will issue proceedings for libel,they then write back saying they have contacted the lender concerned and we have now removed the default thats what happened to me,quote English statutory law,best of luck
  8. Just click on the link in my post above and print out then disect the relevant data protection rules thats relevant to your case, but you must make sure you have compelling evidence to have a default removed from a solicitor/barrister because it must be truthfull its very self explanatory when you read the act dont let them fob you off keep harrassing the CRA weekly,as they are harrasing you credit report and your worthiness for credit,they are only obliged to comply within the data protection act,and it does not overide English Law.
  9. I have had my default removed today regarding a non enforceable hp agreement,it took 3 weeks to sort with Experian,they fobbed me off with the commissioners office,they cannot remove the default without the lenders consent and the commisioners office,bla, bla, bla,so i threatened them to remove the default by 12 o clock yesterday,this has happened they have no evidence from the lender so they have suppressed the information,quote the data protection act section 41 43 etc you can download the act from the following link www.experian.co.uk/www/pages/downloads/compliance/guidance_on_defaults.pdf
  10. Firstly you should have received a default notice within 6 months from the lender,when that default notice has been issued they then send the default to the credit referance agents to mark your file XXX amount of payments late and so forth,if you dispute the matter you are allowed to put a notice of correction on your file with the relevant CRA'S as long as the notice is not defamatory misleading or untrue,this could take upto 28 days to be shown on your file,in your case you state the matter has a non enforceable agreement? has that been confirmed by your legal expert,in particular a barriste
  11. 2 weeks ago i asked Experian to delete information from my file regarding a default for a regulated hp agreement,i have not payed a penny towards a vehicle i was provided to which was not the vehicle supplied since march 08,Volkswagen finance then issued a default on my file for 6 non payments, its actually 8 missed payments,but the contract has been rescinded therefore not legally enforceable,Experian have been informed to remove the incorrect data from my file due to it being a non enforceable contract, and the info is incorrect,they say they are not allowed to supress the information withou
  12. I currently have Stephensons solicitors representing me regarding a regulated hp agreement,i have been waiting 12 month for the finance company to now start some sort of proceedings,i have been issued a default notice for non payment of the agreement since March 2008 due to the vehicle i was provided with by the franchise dealer T L Darby Volkswagen was not the vehicle described on the invoice,nor on the finance agreement by Volkswagen Finance,i refused to pay the finance company until they refunded my money to date £9000 or exchange the vehicle for the car i should have been provided,they fai
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