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  1. thank you for the reply, i was employed by abc123xxx (UK) ltd, no - they are not saying I was employed by the IBC. The "mistake" I made was to put abc123xxx Ltd on the claim form. The same person is the sole director of the (UK) company and appears to be the director of the IBC company.and has used the error to delay the tribunal, I have to live with that for now, the judge has asked me to clarify if I want to join abc123xxx(uk) ltd as a respondent instead of abc123xxx ltd. So I am hoping thats a good sign. What it has done is draw my attention to the fact that he is saying there are 2 compani
  2. Apparantly, its with abc123xxx uk ltd. What i want to know is, does abc123xxx IBC have to show it that way or can it show it as abc123xxx. I appreciate its a bit misleading but I think it has been done that way on purpose.
  3. Sure, IBC is international business company, an offshore company, in this case, i thought i was working for abc123xxx ltd but i was working for abc123xxx uk ltd which is a subcontractor to 123xxx ltd IBC.
  4. I would just add that this relates to a tribunal where the respondent has said its been placed against the wrong company.
  5. Hi, this is in relation to the use of IBC in the UK. In the UK does an IBC have to display the IBC part in its name. I've searched the internet and cannot seem to get past the adverts for companies that set up IBCs. So if you had Joe Bloggs Limited that was an IBC registered in the Seychelles, in the UK, on applications forms,letterheads etc, does it have to display the IBC bit. Also if it puts its registered address as being in the UK, does this have to be registered at Companies House. thanks
  6. Yeah, I know what you are saying, I went from thinking "say nothing" to "say everything" to prove it is ongoing. My thinking is, at least this way, I can show I have been reasonable.
  7. I have a tribunal date in March with my former employer. He still has several days in which to reply to the ET claim. I received an email of him saying: "If you had done your homework this does not give you the option of a tribunal and your complaint has been cancelled by the tribunal services. Needless to say your mention of the tribunal is of course nonsense and is only included to try and cause me harm and to extort funds that you are not owed." He then goes on to list all his arguments and make a few more wild claims. Which is great in a way because as well as everything I di
  8. Thanks Emmzzi, feel a bit better now.
  9. The ET wording is a bit misleading, am I right in thinking I can still go to them even without a full years employment. I appreciate I cannot get unfair dismissal but will they still sort out payments owing.
  10. I walked into work (small company, 2 directors & 2 employees) last Monday (10/12/12) morning and after helping move some furniture under the impression that we were reshuffling the offices, my employer turned round and said the MOJ had taken their licences away to run claims and therefore there was no role for me and my services were no longer required, They were going to tell me on the Friday (7/12/12) before but they did not want to spoil my weekend. In a state of shock, I went home, then I remembered about having to claim benefits and proving that I did not leave the job of my own
  11. Hi, Im just about to apply for grant of probate on my mothers estate, the bank state there is a loan and credit card debt of about 3,500 with no insurance to cover them. Should i ask for a cca? Can I ask for a cca? Would the normal rules apply? Thank you for any assistance.
  12. yes i think your right with the cab, i feel more confident about pushing them to find out more. Thanks
  13. My nephew's dad died 18mnths ago, a homeless alcoholic. A tradegy that refused all help. The other day my sister had a visit from DWP officers. Did she know where her son (my nephew) was and how much contact had he had whith his father prior to his death. No she didnt know where he was and he had no contact with his father. Bearing in mind he was either suffering from alcohol induced madness or madness induced alcoholism, he would'nt have recognised his son. Turns out there are several properties in his fathers name that are being let out (no idea on the details of location, multiple lets etc)
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