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  1. Thank you for the reply. I went back to L&G and asked them about their health policies and got a reply back apologising for not recognising my health condition and that they will get back to me. so looks like claims did not read my letter properly.
  2. Hi, I'm 52 with a private pension. I was diagnosed with cancer and going through treatment and will be for the next 10 years - if I live that long. I asked Legal and General if I could take my pension early due to cancer but they have come back saying that pension legislation states that I cannot take it until my 55th birthday. I have looked at various sources and as I understand it cancer comes under "ill health" - any ideas where I go to now?
  3. I am currently unemployed and receive full housing benefit, my 19yr old son left school in June (repeated a yr due to disability) and starts college full time in August. Over the summer period he has not claimed for any benefits or worked. I received a letter from the council saying that I have been overpaid housing benefit since June as my son is now a non-dependant and are asking for £126 to cover overpayment, they are also asking for £12pw towards rent. They also wish to see his student loan payments confirmation letter. I'm at a loss here as everything I have read about housing benefit states that non dependants students living at home would not pay rent, I have even competed the council's online benefit calculator which shows we should not be paying rent. Are the council right?
  4. As I've never met a compliance officer before I do not know how they go about things; so perhaps they immediately jump to the worse conclusions, although he did come across as being very reasonable. It is possible that he has interpreted the referral in such a way and that the council did not use that word. If the bank statements had been doctored I am pretty sure the council would have acted immediately not wait 5 months and definitely would not have reinstated my HB. As you say I need to see the referral and was going to call the compliance officer tomorrow to see if he would give me a copy before I asked the council via SAR as I do not trust the council to be honest with me- they certainly were not honest with my MP. I guess if there's nothing wrong with the bank statements (and nothing is wrong with then) then why send a referral in the first place?
  5. I don't know the answer to your question, I can only tell you what the Compliance Officer told me over the phone. He said the council said that I had doctored the bank statements, he then asked if I had ran a pen through some transactions, I don't know why he would ask about the latter unless he was told that or had bank statements in front of him that showed that. Or is that a normal thought response to a doctoring allegation? I'm kicking myself as I should have asked far more questions but was so shocked I went to pieces.
  6. Does anyone have information on the rules the council have to apply when dealing with referrals of investigation to other bodies?
  7. Agreed it comes down to the paper trail and also the wording they used in the referral, I have lots of paperwork from the council and have asked for copies of the bank statements so I can see how they have been doctored, or not as the case may be. I was going to call the compliance officer again to ask for a copy of the referral rather than asking the council??
  8. The Compliance Officer asked if I had put lines through some entries so I took it that he meant they were redacted, athough he did not come out and say that is what had happened. Which is a nonsense as I can fit 3 months of bank statements onto one page as so little goes through the bank i.e. I take all the money out once its put in my account so there's really nothing to redact and certainly nothing to hide. I have just received an email from my MP that encloses a statement from the council - they state that they advised me to go to DWP to see what other benefits I could get rather than them referring me. The statements were given to the council 6 mnths ago - they had plenty of time to come back to me with any queries instead they said everything was fine and HB was re-instated. Not once have they mentioned a problem with my bank statements - I'm at a loss as to why this is happening and the motive behind it.
  9. I have never met anyone in that department so can't think why they would have it in for me. I have sent off a SAR for more information which should shed more light on this. I also have my MP involved. I have to say the Compliance Officer was brilliant, even though he did not need to tell me who and why the referral he said he had no qualms in doing so as he was so disgusted by it. I can prove the bank statements were not doctored and therefore thinking I may be able to get them under the malicious communications Act as well as harassment.
  10. Quick update, I called the compliance officer and he told me the referral came from the council who accused me of "doctoring" bank statements that I had sent them. I did no such thing! there is nothing in my bank statements worth doctoring. I told the officer what has been happening with the council and he stated that the council failed to tell them that they had already investigated me several times in the last year. He was shocked at the level of harassment and told me he would play no part in it and therefore has cancelled the appointment. I will now be looking to the police to see if a crime has been committed by someone in the council and look to sue them for harassment and defamation.
  11. Shoelover - what is the difference from DWP asking for bank statements and occ pension proof and the LA asking for the same? The reason for the investigation is that they think there "may be" a change in my circumstances - there's not! as proved by the LA when they investigated - I have a letter from the LA which breaks down my income (evidence backed) and the award of HB they award me in relation to this. Its a complete waste of everyone's time.
  12. Kayleigh - I have never been overpaid but at this point in time I am not going to 'comply' - if they want proof they can get it from the LA - I really do have better things to so with my time. As for making me claim for other benefits - not going to comply with that either until they develop a system that allows claimants some dignity and respect.
  13. I know I can claim for other benefits as I care for my disabled elderly mother and disabled son, I have claimed nothing for doing so as I cannot cope with the added burden of having to prove my innocence every couple of months to the powers that be. Perhaps that is the governments strategy - hound people until they get so sick of it they stop claiming.
  14. Thanks honeybee. I'm not worried I am just sick of always having to justify why I claim HB and provide ****loads of proof to LA on demand. I have lost count of the number of times I have had my HB suspended because they have failed to look at the evidence I have submitted. I sent them an email a couple of months ago and copied it in to my local counsellor stating that their actions constitute harassment and asked them to tell me what they thought I was guilty of and now this - I have nothing to hide -just fed up at being treated like a criminal.
  15. Yes the letter is headed Compliance office interview. My LA does investigate and had to send proof of eligibility just two months ago
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