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  1. Cheers for the advice Orangeprimate Yeah it was taken twice first time DD was taken she had no funds so they took it again but she had already paid for it over the phone by then so the DD came out anyway . Had them call this morning and the £64.73 has gone in and we are just waiting on the £35 overdraft charge which they said should take 3-8days however her dad thinks that we should threaten to leave and cancel the contract and DD because he believes that they can pay us straight away and that they are just sitting on the money for interest gained on it. What is everybodys t
  2. It started when my girlfriend paid for April and May but the agent on the phone neglected to tell her that if you paid for it within 3 days of the time when the direct debit is due then the direct debit would come out anyway so she was charged twice for April. This lead to her having to borrow £40 off someone so she could pay for a different pending payment for something else but left her unable to pay for the pending bank charge due fortunately she had money coming in the next day otherwise she would have another one. I've been advised by various different people her dad thinks that
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