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  1. It won't be statute barred for a long while yet, hubby was making payments until within the last year or so.
  2. Again posting here to save explaining whole history. TS contacted us before xmas to say that RW had told them they had bought the debt from Barclays. This seems to be good enough for TS but not for me, they have never provided proof that the debt is a) genuine and b) they are entitled to collect it. Hubby did have a debt to Barclays which he had been paying directly to them for years (old student overdraft and graduate loan) and having checked his statements has confirmed that his direct debit stopped at some point. BUT Barclays never wrote advising they were selling the debt on and RW have never responded to the prove it letter, they just keep sending more threatening letters. He doesn't have anything from Barclays with a contact number for the correct department or reference number, so attempts to speak to them about it have failed as no one can trace his account. I am still astounded at how easily TS rolled over and left RW alone What should our next step be? Even if they are entitled to collect this debt I don't want to deal with them, I know what they are like!
  3. Royal Mail seem to have lost my last letter to RW! (Sent 16/11) I'll have to send it again Special Delivery this time, not just Recorded
  4. Just spoke to CD and they advised that legally it wouldn't be worth pursuing. So I'll just settle for the £100, it's better than nothing! Thank you for your advice and support
  5. Hi sam, not yet. I wanted to see what Next came up with... today I received a further £75 gift voucher. My first response was to just accept it, that's £100 total and I don't know if I can bring myself to drag this out. But actually £100 doesn't go very far... I don't know what to do tbh. I'll give CD a call and see what they say, it's such a tricky case!
  6. By the sounds of it Next contacted them right after I last spoke to Sandals, before I raised a fuss, possibly before Next even contacted me in the first place.
  7. I'm afraid the letter got sent as was. I finally spoke to the woman at Sandals, she was very surprised to hear from me as Next had contacted her with the "real" winner's details and she assumed the matter was closed. The "real" winner has booked the holiday already and she was very firm on the fact that they had only donated one prize. I told her I was still pursuing it as I had a firm written offer of a holiday and she said that Next would have to buy another holiday. So now I'm waiting for a reply from Next. Or should I contact Next again with my own terms? i.e. a family holiday at Beaches or an appropriate value of gift vouchers.
  8. This is what I intend to send: Dear sir/madam, In September I received a letter from Sandals congratulating me on winning a 7 night holiday in the Caribbean on behalf of Sandals and Next magazine. I was thrilled to hear this and seeing as I had won the London Fashion Weekend competition I assumed this was connected. A few weeks later I received a phone call from [xxx] advising me that there had been a mistake and that I had not won this prize. She said that she would see what sort of gesture of goodwill could be made to me. Without speaking to me again she issued a gift card worth £25, but did not ascertain whether this was acceptable to me or not. As I have a firm offer in writing of a holiday worth at least £2000 I cannot accept £25 as full and final settlement. I intend to contact Sandals to book my holiday for next spring if I do not receive a more appropriate alternative offer from you by 1/12/2009. How does that sound? Anything else I should add or omit? TIA.
  9. The woman at Sandals is away AGAIN! I thought I would just get a letter to Next out. Just wondering what to put in it, something along the lines of, thanks for the £25 but I have a firm written offer of a £2000 holiday so I will be needing a considerably bigger alternative, otherwise I will book my holiday with Sandals. Any other suggestions?
  10. Which parliamentary act or governing body guideline is it about the prohibition of fishing? I want to quote it if possible. TIA.
  11. That's what I think angry cat. Trading Standards just rang me wanting more details, they're looking into it. Strange thing though is that the woman I spoke to said she'd looked into whether RW's local TS had a file on them and she hadn't found anything. I would have thought there would be quite a large file
  12. Will do. I'm still puzzled by this latest letter though. I mean, it only asks us to contact them if we AREN'T the people they're looking for. How does that make sense? What might they be up to?! What happens if we do nothing?! What happens if we reply glibly saying we have never lived at the address in the letter - which we haven't?!!
  13. Just spoke to OFT and they can't do anything unless RW ignore LBA. So will get that in post asap.
  14. No, we just stopped getting letters. But we had mail redirection until April, after which point they may have written but the letters not made it to us at our new address.
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