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  1. Hi I was just going through the threads when I spotted yours. I can't give you any advice but it may be of interest to you that Welcome belongs to Cattles. Which in turn also owns Shopacheck and Lewis Debt ( debt collectors/ bailiffs ). Shopacheck is a doorstep loan company.
  2. Hi Btraveheart, Sorry I did not put enough info, I stated earlier that in another thread I had read that you could not get your SAR from Cardiff. However someone had found an address in London.
  3. I am glad to here that Braveheart, That may save us some trouble later on if I do not get a favourable response from the FOS.
  4. We have followed a set format of letters you can download off martins money, the first one outlines your reason for complaint and claim the second re-iterates your claim if you do not get a favourable reply. The third is not a letter it is downloaded form from the FOS. However for the first letter martin gives you various options which may match your claim for mis-selling so you just use the one(s) that you need. At the time we started our claim we did not know about the SAR but I do not think after reading other threads that there would be one going back to 2003. But what we do know is that youwill not get it from Cardiff, as in another thread someone found out you have to write to an adress in London which we did have written down but can't find.
  5. It sounds to me like they are still charging you for the PPI less the interest ? Which is I think they were trying to get me to accept as a settlement but obviuosly we have refused and gone to the FOS with our claim for mis-selling. My advice now is do not cancel because if you do and you go to the FOS they may say you have already settled and they may not be able to help, as they negotiate on your behalf.
  6. Hi Fedup, Our case is different to yours as our complaint is going back to 2003, but if you do your homework and read some of the other threads you may find a way through, such as did they advise you that you could take PPI out yourself with a different company. If that is the case you may have a start to building a case on mis-selling. However this is only my opinion but someone else may have another view which may help. DO NOT get or feel pushed into making rash decisions I know it is hard when your under pressure but do your research.
  7. Hi, My wife and I are inthe same sort of boat we are due £7,500 back next February and we have always paid on time with no claims. This has not stopped us from going ahead trying to get our money back. I would not in my oppinion try to pay off until you have resolved the issue as it will cost you more money. We are now at the stage of waiting for the FOS of which we are hopeful of a favourable result, because then all of our payments and outstading balance will have to be re-calculated. We downloaded standard letters and followed the instructions given from the website martins money who did a tv programme back in February. If you take this route do not enter into any dialogue with there own arbitration service that they are signed up to or telephone the person direct. As when you get to the stage of contacting the FOS they will want to know if you have started legal proceedings or entered into arbitration with a different service because from what I understand they will not touch your complaint. This is just my wife and I's experience so far but if we can give you any more help we will. You can always check out out our thread First Plus and FOS. Good luck:)
  8. Hi Braveheart, Our complaint went in just e few days after that date but we have had an aknowlegement letter with a foot note that they have had a lot of enquirey's. So I assume they will deal with ours in due course.
  9. Hello Adamski, The PPI was added onto the loan with a total monthly payment under it with a total interest charge. We took this out in Febuary 2003. Not sure what you mean about a needs and demand statement. However in our complaint to the FOS we have stated that we do not know how much our PPI payment is each month
  10. Hello Braveheart, We were watching a programme back in February called I think Martins money. So we started looking into PPI further and got a set of standard letters off his website. We sent the first one to First Plus towards the end of March of this year stating we believe we had been misold for the following reasons. 1. The salesperson did not sell us the policy in our best interests as we did not realise thre policy would only cover me for 5 years and that we would be paying for 20 years. 2. Therefore we questioned whether or not the salesperson was financially qualified. We then got a standard reply off someone called Silver, who stated the usual of no irregularities and a copy of our signeed agreement. Which does show it all lumped together with a small quote of optianal insurance. But by the time you get the paper work to sign you feel obliged to sign or you will not get the loan. However as he had not answered our questions we sent the next letter giving him 14 days to reply or we we would go to FOS. We then had another letter saying it would be looked at again and they would reply in due course. But we had one back a few days later saying they would cancel our policy and give us back £917 less admin fees but we would not be able to claim our £7,500 pounds back next Febuary, and no mention of adjusting our payments accordingly. So we have now gone to the FOS. There is al ittle more detail then this but my wife would have to get all the letters out so I have done this from memory. Hope this helps Littleton
  11. Hello everybody, My wife and I are new to the site and are now in the process of waiting for the FOS to deal with our complaint about First Plus and PPI. We are wondering if anyone else has gone down this route and if so with what success as this is new terratory for us and if we fail at this hurdle where do we go next. If you need any info in particular that has got us to this stage we are happy to oblige:)
  12. Hi everybody, We have just joined the site and are allready in pursuit of our PPI with First Plus. We have follwed the advice off Martins Money after seeing his tv programme a couple of months ago. We had the usual couple of fob off letters and the final one said they would cancel our policy and and refund us £917. Then we would not be able to reclaim our £7500 in Feb 09. Considering we have never missed a payment or made a claim we have now moved to the final stage and posted everything on to the financial ombudsman. We are now awaiting on there investigation. Does anyone know of any successes this way or do we have carry on. If so how.
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