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  1. Hi all I was just wondering if anyone had any more legal information regarding this issue as I'm about to draw up a letter of reply to Davenport Lyons and I'd like to hit them with as much as possible.
  2. I am on a wireless network so it's entirely plausible that someone could have hacked my connection from anywhere within a 25-30 metre radius of my router. Also from what I'm lead to believe, Logistep, the company responsible for the actual gathering and selling off of other peoples IP addresses are a swiss company and have indeed been ordered to cease their activities as it breaches data protection laws in more than one country.
  3. In the letter I received it does state at the bottom of the opening page that the data was collected by their "forensic IT experts, Logistep", some experts since I checked my IP address using an online application and the addresses don't even match!!! Also, my ISP is Orange Home UK and they have listed my provider as Energis, I don't suppose anyone out there whether this information is correct and Orange just act as an intermediary or whether they have my details totally wrong?.
  4. I like other people seem to get the impression that this "one off payment" offered is given with the intent of scaremongering people into parting with their money to draw the matter to a conclusion. What grieves me is that they expect me to pay this amount due to the laws regarding copyright for obtaining a working copy of software the use of which I had already paid for.
  5. Aside from the other issues, does owning an original copy of the game not lawfully give you the right to download or copy another disc if the original develops a fault?. And surely you would have to make the complete game in it's entirety available to download from yourself to quantify distributing the game to others?. My issue is that the entire game would never have been available to any individual person for complete download from me, therefore only portions of data would have been, that data being exactly the same programming code as used in countless other programs lawfully available for free download on the internet.
  6. It's not just Orange UK though, there's a list of ISP's in the paperwork as follows. BE UN Limited British Telecommunications PLC Cable Internet Limited Easynet LTD Eurisp LTD KCom Group PLC Opal Telecom Limited Orange Home UK PLC Pipex Internet Limited Plusnet PLC Supanet Limited Thus PLC Tiscali Uk Limited Virgin Media Limited
  7. I'm with Orange UK as part of my mobile package but according to the paperwork they trade as Energis Uk.
  8. Yes it is Davenport Lyons, from the paperwork they've sent me it appears that the issue they have is the fact that the process of downloading using this client allows others to download the parts of the incomplete file that you have on your computer from you, a fact that I was unaware of.
  9. Hi Not sure if this is the correct place for this question but I can't find a more suitable topic so here goes. Today I received a letter from a solicitor representing Atari regarding the downloading of a game in August 2007, the copyright for which belongs to them. I downloaded the file to obtain a working copy of the game which I had purchased prior downloading and only did so because the original disc had become damaged by myself when it fell from a shelf and bounced from it's case and would no longer install. I downloaded the file using a person to person client which I was unaware made the segments of the file that had downloaded to my computer available to other users to download from me. My question is does this still constitute a breach of copyright as I was lead to understand that I was within my rights to download a replacement as I already owned a copy of the original, the only grey area I can see is that I have inadvertently made the file available for others to download. Anyone's help with this would be greatly received as they have offered to accept a one off payment of £530 to lay the matter to rest and if I have no hope of success I would rather avoid the stress of the court process. I should also add that upon completion of the download, I burnt the file to a disc and deleted it from the hard drive of my computer
  10. So I do need to continue to continue with the claim to the court stage and if so are courts still hearing claims because of the waiver?
  11. Hi I'm currently claiming bank charges from Abbey National and have sent a letter outlining my request for refund of charges plus interest to date. I then received the standard letter from them stating their position with regards to the waiver that the claim would not be progressed until the test case had proceeded through the appeals stages and had reached a final conclusion. My question is, does the claim now backdate from the time of first contact with Abbey i.e. the date I requested refund of the charges or will I need to continue pushing for the claim to "stop the clock" in effect. If so, at which point would the claim be put on hold and backdated from that date and what would be the next stage?
  12. Hi I'm new to the forum and am seeking some help regarding an issue with claiming bank charges while in receipt of income support and disability living allowance. I have calculated and submitted my request for reimbursement of charges applied to a now closed Abbey National account amounting to £3994.98 including interest to the date of the request. I also included as part of the letter, information regarding my current health and financial positions. I then received a letter from Abbey outlining their position in respect to the waiver in dealing with cases until the conclusion of the test case. My question is does this stay apply due to the fact that I am in receipt of both income support and disability living allowance following a stroke that I suffered as I seem to remember reading somewhere that there were exclusions to the waiver and being in receipt of state benefits was one of them. Is this in fact the case or is what Abbey are saying correct and will I have to wait for the outcome of the test case or is there some procedure that I can follow to push Abbey to deal with my case now?. Thanks in advance for any help.
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