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  1. So after a year of having appointed a 3rd party to deal with our debts, making regular payment every month, we still get the calls, never leaving a message. Sometimes deny they are calling regarding a debt, but worse than that, when we inform our DMC Churchwood of the calls both Metropolitran and DG Solicitors have done this now: They deny having called at all??? Every phone call we get, we dial 1471 to get the number of who called. 0500 992299 for MCS and 0500 400400 for DG Solicitors. Why do they lie? We are unable to record calls, but we do log them down, but surely there i
  2. OK, so this all started out with HSBC constantly harrassing us with nonstop calls, even after we had started a debt management program and were keeping up with the monthly payments. Eventually, the HSBC give their accounts over to one of their pet companies Metropolitan Collection Services, who even agree to the payments they are getting. However, we are still being subjected to calls from MCS. Last weekend, they phoned, no one answered, we called our Debt Management Company (DMC), who then phoned up MCS who then denied phoning up. Then, they phoned up yesterday, no one was
  3. An update: FINALLY, HSBC have passed the debt on to their little pet company Metropolitan Collection Services. (0500 992299) Here's the part that really p**ses us off, they have now atrted the harassement calls instead, so have been in touch with Trading Standards, my fiance has again becoem to scrared to answer the phone, our debt management company are also involved, by rights, MSC should only be dealing our DMC, I have even stated this to MSC, but still we get the phonecalls.
  4. OK, so back in 2000, we lost a house, the mortgage was with Bradford & Bingley, we moved on, got on with our lives after that, then a few years later they found us, we offered what we could afford, it was actually slightly more than we could afford. Anyway, we didn't sign a single form, we kept them, but maintained the repayments. Then almost a year later, they started demanding we do a financial review, I said 'NO' you can stick with the £100 a month and be done with it. They didn't like that, so threatened us and stated that it was in the agreement that we singed. I p
  5. I reported them to Ofcom twice, then Office of Fair Trading who have now passed it over to Trading Standards. Trading Standards are now on the case and should be getting back to me within the next 5 working days. Obviously I shall keep updating the progress, but again this morning, my fiancee had another message asking her to call this Mr Ellison on the same number. She has been advised not to.
  6. Change of Tactics now: It would appear that HSDBC may be changing their tactics by trying to get my fiancee to call up someone by the name of Mr Ellison on 0161 972 4170 Why dont they just deal with the debt management company instead of this constant harrassement? Had my fiancee in tears this morning, but at least they left a friggin message for once.
  7. My fiancee would, and as much as that idea does raise an eyebrow for amusement factor, she hasn't logged into her bank account for almost 8 months when we did the debt consolidation, she was advised to change banks, which she did, so has since forgotten her log in details. It is distressing to her and I am very tempted to answer the phone and just have a blast at them, it's ridiculous when they should generally just be dealing with the consolidation company, but it would appear that they are trying to hold on for as long as possible, whihc is also adding more interest to the loan no doubt
  8. We had considered an IVA with one company, but for some really insane reason, the repayemnts they wanted us to make would have ended up with us paying actually a lot more than we owed, so didn't understand that at all, the company we are with now, Churchwood, have been absolutely brilliant, got everything organised with the exception of this one loan account with, but that's HSBC for you, always been problems with them. But Churchwood have suggested that is we keep up repayments like we are doing, then an IVA with them may be considered later this year once my own business is sorted out.
  9. Thanks rdm2006 (is that your initials, if so, we share the same), your advice is just wanted I was hoping for, hopefully it should do the trickm but we may just go to OFCOM as well with this as it has been going on now for so many months, when by all accounts, they shouldn't even be dealing with us anymore, but the debt consolidation firm. All the best Rick
  10. But the problem we find with HSBC is that they call constantly several times a day, we are not picking up, the matter is the hands of an offical debt management company. The answer machines comes on, but HSBC never and I mean NEVER leave a message, when we have dialled the number up, we get the usual automated crap telling us it is HSBC bank and that we can hang up, not that we want to call them anyway. So we cant record anything because there is nothing to record, but should we log down the calls for reference, this is causing no end of stress to my fiancee now and would love to take act
  11. I write this on behalf of my fiancee, together we recently took the step to sort out our financial problems, by consulting a debt company who have worked with us to sort out troubles out. We started this last October and it took a few montsh before all the debts were organiosed properly, we are maintaining the one montly payment, no problem with that, thew companies concerned are even accepting the payments, that is all but one company, HSBC. My fiancee had a loan, the outstanding amount would be less than £7K, she had kept up with the repayments, she also had a credit card close to its l
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