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  1. What was the basis of your challenge on charges. Might be worth me trying that?
  2. Due in court very shortly. Was planning on trying to get an adjournment as there wasn't 21 days notice of hearing and / or/ by trying to get a payment arrangement sorted/ offered. If that makes any sense?
  3. I'm a Halifax customer and most of the time keep within O/D. Due to circumstances beyond my control have got into some financial difficulty. Getting charged £2/day for my O/D and £5/day if I go over the limit. What takes me over the limit? Their charges which hit at the same time as everything else leaving the a/c on the 1st of the month! Instead of managing the £60 monthly charge I get hit with maybe £70 - £80 per month. This is charges on charges as I see it. Is this legal? I can't change from HX as my credit rating is screwed because of my circumstances so I wouldn't get an O/D anywhere else. The increase in charges that is coming next month is 50% Can they legally increase their charges by such a huge amount. This means I will be paying not £70 but likely to be in excess of £100/month. This will be a downward spiral for me as things stand at present!! On a £3k O/D I believe the new charges will equate to approx 40% APR! How about legislation under 'unfair relationships'? Has anyone looked at 'Right of Appropriation'? I welcome comments and suggestions
  4. Hi, I'm not having much luck with fighting this one. They seem to be operating legitimately if not immoral! The ' non trading individual' is something I've not explored in great depth but haven't found anything significant. Not even sure what it means. What's your position?
  5. Thanks. Could do with some help on submitting a holding defence please. many thanks
  6. I'm trying to help two friends. One took out a payday style loan the other was guarantor. This is due to be judged through CCMCC today due to default. I intend to submit a holding defence on their behalf but just wondered if two defendants on the same claim with different signed agreements albeit on the same loan is legal? Any help help with this and the holding defence based on not having received CCA request info yet would be appreciated.
  7. I've just had a thought. This is a fixed sum loan with a guarantor. Since the debtor and guarantor have different agreements can the single claim include both as defendants even though they signed separate agreements. One being the loan and one being the guarantee? Urgent comment would be appreciated.
  8. Can you tell me how to apply for mediation please. Is this a process that the court would accept even though the claim process has been started? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the response. This is actually going through the CCMCC. I've done a request for more time to the solicitors and a CCA to TFS. I will be submitting a holding defence tomorrow on the basis that nothing has yet been received from TFS re the CCA. I've noticed that the amount of the claim and the deafult are different so going to look more closely at that. I'm hoping I can get some kind of arrangement in place before it actually goes before a judge!
  10. The CCMCC claim is all photocopied and there doesn't appear to be any online option. No passwords or login information. Would this have anything to do with the fact that this has been done through the CCMCC and that the documents I have are the Guarantor's not the Debtor/first defendant. The claim appears to make the Debtor and Guarantor co defendants..
  11. the 20% and 104.6% APR is the interest on the loan I think as well as 'after judgement'. UNFAIR OR WHAT!!!
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