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  1. Homer do I detect a hint of irony in your reply, I actually googled them to check and they appear kosher, are they just another bunch of cowboys like ZZPS
  2. Armadillo, dates as below letter from Vinci parking to lease company 9th March 2015, this quoted a PCN number issued on 31/01/2015 lthough none was left on vehicle Letter received from lease company17th March 2105 demand from ZZPS debt collectors received 22/04/2015 and ignored Letter received from Wright Hassall solicitors 16th July 2015 although date on letter states 6th July 2015. we asked client to speak to apartment management regarding this and they sent an email 21st July attaching a very dark photo of number plate taken by other occupant with statement that car was parked in wrong space. Thanks for your interest
  3. i'll try and keep this as concise as possible, one of my employees went to meet a client in his apartment and parked in the residents car park in what he thought was the clients parking space. The client is one of a few people who actually live there all year and the rest of the apartments are on short holiday lets. to gain access to the car park you need to take a ticket and then the resident uses a pass card to allow exit. It appears that my employee parked in another person allocated parking space and although the car park was almost empty the other person took a photograph of his number plate and sent it to Vinci Parking who then sent to the car lease company. No PCN was fixed to the car. The lease company did nothing for a month and we then informed Vinci not to contact them again as they were charging £25 admin fee. The company then received a letter and demand from a debt collector which we duly ignored and this week we received a letter from a genuine solicitor notifying us that they intend to start legal action. I would be grateful for any advice on what to do.
  4. I've had the same problem with my supplier OVO. I was £128 in credit yet they wanted to increase my DD by 75% because of exceptional use during the cold snap (2 weeks). I told them they were taking the mickey and if they increased it would be without my permission. I sent meter readings to prove that although I had used more it didn't justify their increase and they still came back with an increase, following day I got a bill based on actual readings and was still in credit. Next stop OFGEM as it seems to me that all of these suppliers have got you by the proverbials, if you are in debit they want more and if you are in credit they want more. They seem to be acting like Banks rather than energy suppliers. Imagine a supermarket asking you to pay up front for goods based on their guessimate of what you might buy in the future.
  5. Not sure whether it was this company but we have in the past had lots of these calls saying they were from the Ambulance/Police service /Planning Department/Building Control office and many others.A tactic we found useful for getting rid of them was to ask them to put evrything in writing with their names , terms and conditions contact names at the organisations they represent and that are willing to act as references etc etc. not once did they follow it up, and ever since we have not had any more calls
  6. not sure whether anyone can advise on this. My best friend has been divorced now for 8 years or so and re-married 5 years ago. His ex wife was given custody of the children and also re-married. Her new husband is a bully and complete control freak and has been giving my friends son a hard time (he's been kicked out about 10 times over the last year). The son is 16 next month and two weeks ago he decided he had had enough and left home to live with his father. The ex wife called the police and social services and after checking decided that no further action was needed as the boy acted on his own free will. The son wants to live with his father permanently and has asked his mother for his belongings in particular his birth certificate and passport. Also his school books as he is due to take his GCSEs this summer. His mother and step father have refused to either send them or let him collect them. Apparently social services say there is nothing he can do as its their house and basically they can do what they want. Surely personal possessions especially documents such as passport etc. are his by right. Any had a similar experience or know what action can be taken to get these back.
  7. Read their own conditions I think the term ''A legally binding contract for carriage will be formed when we send you the booking confirmation with your booking reference by email, fax or by post'' says it all. Send them back a copy of their terms with the relavent clause underlined, in red, bold etc and inform them you will do the same to Trading Standards, Good luck
  8. What is contractural interest please? To postggj the loan was taken out in July 2008. Having looked through a couple of web sites with interest calculators using Welscum figures and they are completely different, it seems to me that they add 60% per year at the start.
  9. Thanks PGH7447, we would love to do just that as the figures they have used just don't stack up. I don't have access to a scanner at the mo so i'll copy what they are. Original loan July 2008 £2000 PPI & Personal Accident + lifecover 24 £1340.94 total credit charge 3162.82 which is interest £3087.82 plus acceptance fee £75 Interest rate 60.1% Monthly payment for 36 months £180.66 In July 2009 he was told that the outstanding amount at start was £6503.76 less payments made £1351.82 charges and fees £76.03 Gross outstanding balance £5227.97 The letter received last week states they are offerring £989.77 refund which is £930.34 PPI plus interest of £199.97 and statutory interest @8% of £73.32 Deducted from this is £213.86 for 'partial insurance rebate' I just can't make any sense of their figures and would have thought that all insurances should be rebated not just what is stated as PPI. Although we wanted to play by the book and be reasonable I now feel I would like to get this loan deemed unenforceable cos frankly they are getting me really peed off. If we leave it with the FSO any thoughts of a likely outcome? Thanks to all for the advice
  10. Earlier this year i had a credit card scammed for a considerable amount of money. My bank refunded everything and I have not had any problems since. Except at the same time somebody opened a credit card account in a false name but using my address, also another (or the same person) took out a phone contract with Orange in the name of a company, again using my address.I have received numerous letters and with the exception of the last couple sent them back, 'return to sender not known at this address'. The credit card company has now accepted this but despite phone calls and letters the ones related to Orange still keep coming. This morning I received a letter addressed to the ficticious comppany from a Scottish debt collectors threatening a doorstop visit. As their 0844 phone number is permently busy i do not intend to waste my money hanging on for ages to go over everything again with yet another numpty. Any ideas how i can finally convince these bloody people to stop.
  11. My son has made a formal complaint to the FSO last week but received a response from Welscum on Friday as follows ' i have investigated the issues raised etc. Although we do not agree with your assertions (that the PPI was mis-sold) I have as a gesture of goodwill decided to refund the full PPI policy plus associated 8% statutory interest to you in full and final settlement...' It then goes into the amounts and states that if he accepts the offer to complete enclosed acceptance form. Now I maybe not well versed in the law but surely if they are willing to pay everything back including statutory interest isn't this admitting they they are wrong and therefore the agreement is non-enforceable. The amount plus what he has already paid virtually cancels out the debt so this isn't about the money so much as kissing their sorry ar##s goodby. Should he sign the acceptance form or let it run the course with FSO?
  12. My son has a loan with Welscum and it has been managed through PayPlan. He sent a letter to WF in mid July claiming for mis-selling of PPI and has had two letters from them asking for more time. Last week he sent them a second letter giving them 14 days to respond or he would refer to FOS. He has spoken to PayPlan and wants to stop his DD until the situation is resolved, however PayPlan has stated that they can't put a hold on the payments unless there is a ruling from FOS. Is this correct? bearing in mind the possibility of WF going tits up if these payments are not stopped there a chance that this could go on and on if some mug does buy WF debts. Is ther a template letter to send PayPlan or could he just write to WF saying as they haven't responded to his complaint he is ceasing payments until this is resolved and copy PayPlan. Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. i had a situation earlier this year with identity theft and it seems the banks now use the question about what direct debits you pay as a security question, so tell everyone you know unless they are phoning the bank themselves on a known number NEVER give anyone this infomation to people ringing you, call back your bank.
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