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  1. Hi, thank you for the help guys, I have sent them a messge requesting they freeze and refund the charges. If this fails I'll try to get Stepchange to stop paying it and I'll start sending £1 a month.
  2. HI, I have been using Stepchange to help me pay of several debts amounting to over £5k. I have repeatedly asked Very if they would freeze interest on my account due to the interest being more than the affordable payments. They keep refusing. My question is.. how can I get them to freeze the interest so I am actually paying the debt off? Step change have only said it's their choice, but surely they aren't allowed to cause unnecessary hardship? Thanks for reading.
  3. Hi, just a quick query. I've had no correspondence regarding this, however, I checked my noddle account and Lowell are adding to the debt. Will this still drop off my credit file from the original date of the default?
  4. I've received a letter this morning from Bryan Carter Solicitors. This states they are beginning legal procedings within 14 days. How do I repsond to this?? Thanks
  5. Apart from a small amount of T&C's printed on the back there wasn't much more than that, I don't have the letter to hand atm. Cap One sent a more comprehensive set of T's & C's months ago.
  6. See post 73 in this thread regarding CCA request
  7. I keep getting phone calls from fredrickson international... can I send the stop ringing me letter or shall I just keep ignonring them and wait? I had a letter back from FOS, they've sent a copy of the letter from lowell which says they're that they've sent me my credit agreement, without them sending a copy of said agreement to FOS, do you think it's worth me complaining that they have sent me a poor representation of a credit agreement with a incorrect signature?
  8. Ok, so I'm not doing anything unless I receive a claim. How long does a claim generally take?
  9. What is SB'd? The original date of account default is 12/03/2010
  10. Ok, do you think I should send them the account is in dispute letter which has been sent to previous DCA? I am actually in employment, but have no assets in my name and my outgoings are more than my income atm.... should I include any of this information in a responding letter?
  11. I do not, however my new husband owns our home......
  12. Any thoughts on whether to send the letter above?
  13. I've just found this on another thread, do you think i should send it to Fredrickson?? I am sending this tomorrow to both addresses that this joke of a company have.. Just wanted to get some input from this forum. -------------------- out of date template removed
  14. I've had missed calls from Fredrickson International today .... sleepless nights are impending
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