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  1. Great news - couldn't happen to a nicer Bank Also, well done to EVERYONE who offered advice and support, you deserve a drink - and Martin3030 has told me that he will buy you all one - so it's a contract!
  2. Firstly, it will depend upon the situation. If, for instance, a new user to the site (who should have read the site rules but probably wouldn't have) posts something which is believed to be worthy of editing, then it is very likely that they will be notified of the reasons. This would hopefully ensure that the user does not repeat the action. Since time is always at a premium, it might well be that the Site Team member makes multiple edits to a user's posts, or to several users, and then does not have time to contact each member immediately. Experience has shown us that a v
  3. 2 posts removed. Please show some sense, offer advice on what you believe to be the evidence put forward, and not get carried away with very wild and disturbing allegations - it has no place on this site.
  4. Some posts removed - sorry if the above few replies seem odd now.
  5. Because they play the percentages game. You are one of hundreds being taken to court and the chances are that 95% will do nothing, cave in and try and come to some agreement re: payment, or await the result of what they perceive to be a foregone conclusion in Court - not knowing they might be able to do something about it. Of the remaining "5%" some will try and defend but do it badly. There will then be a few that seek advice and take them on. You're in the last bit Their percentage game means that they don't need to worry (yet) about not having the paperwork needed - they win
  6. Moved to general issues... If it is correct that the teacher posted the picture / made the comment, then I think it was misguided. If this caused your daughter some embarrassment then they should be prepared to apologise for that. If it were me, I would approach the Head and outline my concern, but would make it clear that I'm not seeking any direct action against the teacher involved, merely highlighting the issue so that if there were previous cases of "misguided" actions, then at least the Head would be up to date with the actions of his staff. It seems more like the actions
  7. Edited posts: Please be aware that this forum is at risk when users make defamatory remarks about companies in the way they have on this thread. You can see from our announcements that legal action against us is not a myth! Please do not continue to make such remarks and stick purely to fact. Thank you...
  8. You are clearly miffed by this and I understand your point. However, misrepresentation, or illegal advertising, is not - in my opinion - what has happened here. Yes, by all accounts, the O2 contract seems to have been overpriced in that the same thing can be found cheaper directly with O2, but PC World like anyone else can offer any service or goods at whatever price they see as appropriate so long as their is demand. There is nothing wrong with offering an item or service at a price which is more expensive than can be found elsewhere. The problem here is that, unfortunately, y
  9. Happily corrected. I was under the impression that mobile phone contracts were not covered (I'm not talking about deals with phones, by the way, just a plain old mobile service provision). If there are factors involved which would mean that this is not true, might I ask you to highlight this in the sticky thread on this very forum (which I recall was made by Buzby)? Cheers j2b
  10. They are correct in terms of the agreement, by the way. Mobile phone contracts are not subject to the CCA so there is no need for them to supply a copy in that manner. They should be willing and able to supply other documentation though.
  11. Are we filming a new series of the Sweeney? The OP would just need to show them the tax disc...
  12. I found this elsewhere.... Q I gave my employer 3 weeks notice, though my contract said one week. I thought I was being helpful to my employer, but she said she only needed me to give one weeks’ notice. I am not able to start my new job for another two weeks and am out of work now without money – should my employer not have kept me for the 3 weeks? A An employee is obliged by law to give a minimum of one weeks’ notice if they wish to terminate their employment. However, if the contract provides for a longer notice, they should give that notice period. Where an employee g
  13. It's the notice that you have given the employer, not the other way around. I don't see how they can 'tell' you that they are altering it, but I will certainly try and seek clarification...
  14. You mean you watch all that drivel? You can't compare the Licence fee since there's no option. What I was thinking of comparing for 'value for money' purposes was £12 for a freeview box and a reasonable range of channels, against £16 every month. I can't believe that Sky want to charge me £1 to include the pack that enables me to watch Sky Sports News, yet this is free on freeview. Rip off. I guess it depends on the channels you think are 'must have'...
  15. I understand that Sky are currently offering people a 'credit crunch' deal for 3 months... If you phone up and say that money is tight and you are considering cancelling, you will hopefully get offered something. I don't recall being made aware directly about the increase, by the way, but I did see it mentioned elsewhere. I'm ending my long association with Sky soon, I just can't see the value unless you have it for football (and even then I wouldn't call if value, just essential!)
  16. I would certainly think that has some grounding for a campaign, JC.
  17. Just thought I would say... At the moment, there doesn't appear to be anything specific on which we can comment. If you decide upon a very specific kind of action and have some definitive plans, then by all means I can direct those to Admin. I would not advise dlc talking to HMCS about the involvement of CAG - that would be something the the owners of CAG would need to do. By all means if you wanted to ask about the possibility of placing some kind of literature within defendant's packs, go ahead. Be aware though, we are not a charitable organisation, CAG is owned by a Limited
  18. The date of action is a court claim, not a letter... sorry.
  19. Nice find - you've been promoted to the stickies...
  20. We know them well, browneyes As the above posts says, we need more info from you. They are notorious for claiming against debtors without due notice, and their claims leave a lot to be desired. The more you can tell us, the better... No need to phone them yet, let's get these things sorted so that you know what your real position is.
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