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  1. Just a quick reminder folks - Original post date: 21st August 2006, 11:52 Always worth a check!
  2. Sometimes it is the case that people with very little history can be scored low - so even if what small amount of known credit you have has been properly dealt with, it may be the case that you could still be refused further credit. There are some things that can help, but they are not quick fixes by any means. Having a credit card and ensuring that payments are made in full and on time is a cheap way to build up a good history - if you pay in full every month then you'll not pay anything to use the card... Agreements like mobile phone contracts and even insurance policies etc w
  3. judelsg - it rather sounds as though you actually need to consider the prioritising of your current commitments, rather than just this individual debt. If you are struggling to keep your head above water, I would advise you to contact a debt advice agency, such as the CCCS (click here for a link) and talk about your problems. They can help you to work out how to cope with each debt/overdue amount and will hopefully also put your mind at rest with any other worries you might have. If this is not the case and you only have some short-term cash worries, then you might need to just make
  4. Many a true word said in jest...! How the hell did this happen?
  5. Yes - it's still very much available. There is a review of the book HERE and you can click THIS LINK to buy it using PayPal.
  6. Do keep an eye on the dates, folks!! 3rd August 2006
  7. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forum-rules-please-read/9-forum-rules-please-read.html Lets avoid the personal stuff guys and girls - we don't want to see the back of anyone just because they can't be civil.
  8. Arrow are my bestist fwends Copes Solicitors following closely behind, of course.
  9. If I nip down to Ladbrokes, do you think they'll let me have a tenner on that one?
  10. I never said I was alive! Have you thought about approaching the Evening Post with your problem? They might be interested in a 'plight of the little people' story, and this might help put pressure on NFFC to change their mind. I would also give a quick shot at BBC East Midlands and Central News. It's not an earth shattering story, by some way, but on a 'slow news day' you might just be lucky. I've certainly seen worse... Concentrate on the 'kids' angle and how much they are missing watching their favourite team. Think about how the news channel would tell the story... I wi
  11. The problem with these season tickets is that they are easily sold (if stolen etc) since the turnstile operators have no facility to check anything other than the token number - and that the age of the person using it matches the category of ticket being used (i.e. a young person using an OAP ticket is easily spotted). Anyone buying these tickets will just go into the ground and sit wherever they can that's free - they certainly don't just head straight for the seat number shown on the ticket. I too have committed heinous sins in my past life and my punishment was to become a fan of
  12. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/campaign/78732-petitions.html http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/campaign/
  13. This would be a hearing to decide if the Claimant's case is either struck out or, in the alternative, amended. It wouldn't be to decide upon the facts of the case. If they provide the correct paperwork (and presumably amend their PoC) then the order would not need to be made, but the Defendant could then still claim costs and would be able to argue for time to amend their defence. What experience we do have of Copes suggests that they won't attend this hearing. If this all proceeds to a full hearing, that's entirely another matter, but one which would be addressed depending upon
  14. They will probably try to stall you with a letter saying they've requested documents from their client. You'll get used to their attempts to evade the burning issue! Proceed with your timescales, never theirs. If they fail to respond adequately to your demand then slap in an Order. I suspect they'll pay a slight bit more attention to that
  15. What you consider the truth and what lawyers consider libel are very similar. If you want to repeat accusations of that nature, do it away from CAG.
  16. GlenW has already posted that their complaint has been received by the Court and that they are acting on it. If there is anything else that you know of which GlenW needs to know, there is no reason why it can't be written here. IF - and only IF - HMCS have made clear that contact numbers for staff who are PAID TO DEAL with complaints of this nature should never be made available to the very people who need to complain, then not only would we really need to raise the issue of why that is the case, but it would also bring into question the effectiveness of that provision, surely?
  17. Send the address by PM to me and I will check it doesn't fall foul of any site rules and let you know.
  18. For reference, the Court hearing to decide this little part of proceedings would be held in a quite informal setting, one of the rooms at your local County Court, where a Judge would sit at the head of a table and each party (if they can be bothered to also turn up!) would sit close by on either side. The Judge, who would typically be wearing just smart clothing (rather than, for instance, a gown and wig that you might see in a Crown Court) would run the show and direct each party to answer questions or put forward any points. It is generally described as a relaxed setting and not somethi
  19. You would have to seek the Court's intervention with an Application. Using form N244, you would ask that the Court - if it agrees that their Particulars of Claim were poor - strikes the claim out or, in the alternative, orders that they serve an amended PoC. It's what might be described as an "either - or" order! From experience, we would say that a Judge would agree with you in such an application, the most likely outcome being that he orders them to amend, rather than strike out. For anyone who would normally have to pay the fee, the cost of such an application is £75 I
  20. Depends upon your interpretation scouspie... They offer a service which is something that people can do for themselves, but some people choose to pay for... I can't recall reading a good review - maybe I just haven't read enough yet!
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