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  1. Not sure about the defamatory nature of that, to be honest, but the way to deal with it is the same. You would need to get in writing to the CRAs that you dispute the data and ask them for all the information relating to that entry (who/when/why etc).
  2. This highlights the hoops that CRAs make us jump through when challenging their absurd practices. You need to get your complaint in writing, both to the CRA and to NatWest. Direct your NatWest letter to their Data Controller (see here). The incorrect data shown on your credit file is defamatory. It suggests that your credit worthiness is poor and this will have serious consequences should you need to consider applying for any form of credit. If you have no other adverse credit markers on your file, then clearly it would be very easy to show that this alone would cause you a prob
  3. Not legally - but that doesn't mean it won't happen! Some DCAs will routinely update a user's credit files when they take over an account and this shocking practice is allowed to happen because the credit reference agencies do not have stringent enough safeguards in place. Keep all original Default Notices and get/keep copies of your CRA files once a year - or sooner if a debt is taken over!
  4. Still, it's nice to now we (well, YOU) had success. Many thanks for coming back to report a victory
  5. Make sure your friend gets copies of their credit files from all 3 agencies AND KEEPS THEM. Should any DCA then proceed to update the records with incorrect information (i.e. detailing the wrong date) then you will have evidence of them acting unlawfully. This is quite important for anyone dealing with delinquent debts, to be honest, since DCAs have a bad record in this respect.
  6. The T&Cs state that free entry is possible.
  7. I think you should start by writing an official complaint to the company at its H/O... Brothers Drinks Co. Limited Shepton Mallet Somerset BA4 5BY Include copies (further copies) of the evidence you have retained and suggest that you will give them this final opportunity to honour the rules of the competition, otherwise you will be forced to take your complaint to the local press (local to the brewery). The terms of entry do not require a purchase and other elements of this competition mean it is not considered a lottery (as far as I can see) so they do not need a licenc
  8. Unapproved posts - Please note that if you wish to discuss other topics than the one raised here, you should start your own thread. Please also note that we will not tolerate personal attacks.
  9. This has received some interest for well over a year, but the final deadline for claiming is fast approaching (31st January). SEE HERE for more details I know that many people will not have ventured into the Tax forums so this could easily have been missed - if you're entitled to it, get a claim in before it sails off down the river...
  10. Here are some more details and the form required - act quickly!!!
  11. Perfectly reasonable - although personally I would ask them for their bank account details to enable you to pay by standing order, rather than ever making a payment by card. They SHOULDN'T retain that card information, but would you trust them?
  12. Include with that a letter detailing what you are offering and, if possible, include the actual payment you've suggested as a first instalment. If you are thinking of paying them further instalments by bank transfer, make sure you stay in control by setting up a Standing Order - not a Direct Debit.
  13. It helps a creditor to see your current position and backs up any claims that you only have £xx to give each creditor. It is generally considered the norm to split your money pro-rata with each creditor, but this is not a rule. I would back up the posters above who say NO to giving them anything other than the basics of income v expenditure. You can find a perfectly adequate sheet for this purpose HERE in our Library. This is for use with Excel.. Direct link here
  14. Hi and welcome to CAG It would always be in your best interests to get as much info on each of those account as you can. For personal accounts, you can use the DPA request for information from our Library section - sending a £10 fee will get you all the account info you need in order to establish if charges have been placed on those accounts and, should they have the correct paperwork regarding the other CCA requests, you can then work out what you DO actually owe them. The business accounts would be different and you would have been expected to keep all info regarding those for
  15. No... and neither did I. It was fun (at the time) getting the salesman to squirm when he realised he couldn't form an effective argument for actually having one.
  16. I suppose the least we can do is console ourselves with not having paid any more for a useless warranty
  17. By the way, have a read of these... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/data-protection-default-issues/149403-would-you-like-clean.html#post1580664 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/data-protection-default-issues/149449-put-your-credit-reference.html
  18. Yes I did. However, it didn't really seem to leave any questions that you needed answering - it was more or less a statement. I have, however, responded to it.
  19. That is not true and you have been given my personal email address, as you are well aware. I suggest you use that rather than try to debate the issue on the forum.
  20. You can't automatically get Defaults removed just by paying the debt off, I'm afraid. It MIGHT be possible to get a creditor to remove the Default when negotiating a lump sum type payment, but generally speaking, the only thing that happens is that your file will show the default as being satisfied, meaning paid, but it will still show in any search.
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