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  1. As the post in question has resulted in complaints - this matter is being dealt with by the site Admin. As a result of this, this thread is only going to create difficulty for that process and I am now closing it. I understand the frustration that many feel about the comments and about not being able to discuss them further, but I also hope you can see why it will do no good to continue with this - pt has responded above indicating that the thread will reopen at a suitable time.
  2. Given the look of the football league table, it's either this or nothing!
  3. Still no reply from Arrow - they must think we're playing hide-and-seek Hello Arrow - I CAN SEE YOU !!!
  4. It has now been removed from CallCredit's file too.. CallCredit Reply.pdf
  5. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/credit-reference-agencies/188027-naughty-naughty-arrow-global.html
  6. A Tomlin Order could stay your claim on agreed terms that are set out in a schedule to the Order, which would likely remain confidential between the parties and bring the dispute (and the litigation) to an end other than for the purpose of enforcement proceedings, if they are required. A Tomlin Order is also known as a Consent Order. It is agreed between the parties in advance and then approved by the Judge with the parties present. I must ask though - why are you doubtful of winning your case?
  7. Have you already been Defaulted on your credit file for this debt?
  8. You had already been warned by another team member to stop this silly behaviour, without success. It is not for you to decide who may input into any thread on CAG or for what purpose. That would be the censorship that you have just highlighted - the one where you feel as though it would hinder your work if your post was censored. How you feel is precisely how you are making another user feel and it needs to stop.
  9. I have sent you a PM with some details... Thanks for your response everyone.
  10. JonCris - people don't need any reason to post and they don't have to be either interested or concerned. These forums are for all to use so long as they remain within the rules of the forum. Having views outside the norm is not against our rules. Please don't post in that manner again.
  11. It has come to our attention that Cope's Solicitors (who act on behalf of Arrow Global and others) have recently sent out letters to people who are in the middle of court action with them. Essentially, they are claiming, falsely, that they have been awarded judgment in your case and are demanding payment of £50 per month. They then continue to threaten an attachment of earnings order. If you have received such a notice, will you please post here. We will then be in touch to advise you what action you should take.
  12. We don't have any physical offices here as we are a web-based group, so emailing it will be the best option.
  13. Have you already explored all the options available? A Government scheme can pay for the interest on your mortgage (the first £200k anyway) but you must be able to claim certain benefits (like JSA / IS etc). Another scheme (Homeowner Support) offers you the chance to defer payments on 70% of the interest - it might help you get through this though. Banks are signing up now but it's relatively new.
  14. Could you either post the document up here or email it to [email protected] and mark it for the attention of me please? I would like to get someone to have a look at it so that we can offer some advice.
  15. Have you entered into any correspondence with them yet?
  16. Have they sent you a copy of the paperwork they suggest relates to the PG?
  17. 2 out of three resolved so far.... a partial success. Here's the response from Experian (Equifax response was very similar) indicating that the entry has been removed completely. No response yet from CallCredit!!! I will let you guess if Arrow themselves have responded Arrow.pdf
  18. Cattolica - if you'd like to discuss the reasoning, please PM me and I will explain the difference between a regulators assessment and a conviction for theft or fraud. You cannot respond to a CAGBot PM since it is an automated message as there is no user associated with that username. You are not censored. I will not reply further to these points on this thread.
  19. You are quite foolish if you think that naming this company and using the words thief / steal / stole / [problem] etc are not going to be classed as libellous. Once you have taken them to court, accused them of such actions AND then won your case, post at will. Until then, don't. It is the CAG that will face the wrath of these companies because of short-sighted postings such as your first. You have no idea how many threats of legal action we receive because of these sort of accusations, just how much time is spent dealing with them (and their legal teams) and just how costly it is to
  20. Please do not post comments that are libellous. Doing so WILL harm the Consumer Action Group and undermine the work we do for many people. If you want to post libellous remarks about companies , organisations or people - do it somewhere else!
  21. My letter to the three CRAs who hold the information... This one being to Experian (some detailed removed);
  22. You've gotta love this lot, they could fill up a forum on their own... They took over an account of mine in c.Nov 07 and soon after appointed CBS Transcom to mange on their behalf - that's for another thread... Anyway, the last time I checked my CRA files before then was sometime 2006, maybe late in that year. Everything was as it should have been and I made the 'mistake' of destroying the paperwork. My chequered financial past was starting to improve recently and the defaults listed were, I recalled, due to expire either late last year or late this year (there were several!).
  23. I think what you need to do is clarify with NatWest and Experian (plus the others if necessary) since they themselves appear to be confusing the issue. YOU have no reason to provide proof of YOUR identity - it is THEY that need to provide proof that the information on your file is correct. Write to them at the address given, send a copy to the CRA and ask them to clarify the reasons why another person's information appears on your file and also to explain what information they are asking you to provide and WHY they need it. Make it clear that unless they can provide evidence im
  24. Can I just clarify something...? The above letter seems to be suggesting that the (named person) contacts NatWest and supplies evidence of their identity. Is that correct? Or, are they asking that YOU send information about yourself?
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