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  1. Hi, I paid a couple of cheques into my HSBC Business account recently. I then got letters through from hsbc saying that the cheque had bounced and that they had charged me a flat fee of £4. This is outrageous enough but then they also charged me the face value of the cheque as well. ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY. I went into the branch where they said it was wrong to do this but claimed they couldn't see the charge on my account. They Lied. When I got my statement it was there. I will of course be writing a letter to HSBC on Monday morning but I wondered if this has happened to anybody else. Also, I wondered where HSBC would draw the line. What if, for example, I paid a cheque of £1,000,000 and it bounced... would I be charged £1,000,004 for the pleasure. Sure this is the most unjust, illegal and downright unfair policy ever.
  2. So, I should write the following: Charges £25.00 Interest under s.69 County Courts Act 1984 £0.36 Court Fee £30.00 TOTAL £ 55.36 Plus interest pursuant to S.69 County Courts Act 1984 from date of issue to date of judgement/settlement at £0.01 per day OR at such rate and for such periods as the court deems just.
  3. Ok, i'm back from my holiday now and the bank have has 3 weeks to reply to my LBA.... nothing! I'm going to court route. I've just begun filling in the online form but and confused (again). Could somebody please clear up the following: How am I supposed to know the court costs I am claiming? and What is "Interest under s.69 County Courts Act 1984" ? Is this the 8% figure from my spreadsheet and if so why does it get mentioned again below where it says: "Plus interest pursuant to S.69 County Courts Act 1984 from date of issue to date of judgement/settlement at £xx.xx per day [(enter daily rate here - (CHARGES+OD interest)x 0.00022 = pence per day)] OR at such rate and for such periods as the court deems just. "
  4. Hi, I'm composing my LBA, well editting the template and and not sure what to write in the 3rd Paragraph where the red states: [and make the personal data amendments which I require] To the best of my knowledge they haven't enterd any information about me onto my credit rating so should I just change it to say: If you do not return my money to me within 14 days and refrain from entering adverse comments onto my credit record I shall issue proceedings in the County Court and without any further notice to you. or is this incorrect? Any advice would be great. Thanks, Mark
  5. Ive had a seperate charge now and wrote to Aliiance and Leicester 14 days ago and not even had a reply... does anyone have suggestions of what I should do next?
  6. Thanks so much for your help. I'll get the letter ans two spreadsheets (minus the 8% column) printed out tonight and sent recorded delivery tomorrow. I hate Alliance and bloody Leicester! Thanks again. Tescgo
  7. Hi, I do have another question actually and i'm certain this wasn't answered on the Q&As. Do I need to send seperate letters for each account that i'm claiming charges on? Regards, Tescgo
  8. Hi, I re-read the Q&As this morning and, having let my mind rest overnight I think they made more sense today... I also noticed that the answer you have given is on there. Thanks for your reply though and not just telling me off for posting a question that has no doubt been duplicated thousands of times. Regards, tescgo
  9. Hi, I've just signed up today so I can begin to put together a case for claiming back the fees charged to me by Alliance and Leicester and was hoping that somebody could give me a little advice. My Situation (briefly) Was very confused using Internet Banking and managed to transfer money from the wrong account four times (each time they were between my own A&L accounts). These transfers we cancelled by the bank as they took me overdrawn however I incurred the wrath of a £25 'review fee' charge for each. These transactions have all taken place inside the last week and I don't know whether I should be asking for interest for two reasons: The payments were immediately bounced and the account didn't end the working day overdrawn. As they happened within the last week I would have only lost out on about 3p even if the account has ended the working day overdrawn. I know the guidance says I will not look like I know what i'm doing if I don't ask for interest but I really don't know if it is appropriate. What I've done so far Thus far I have completed the Prelimiary approach letter asking for the £25 fees to be repaid and for any information that may have been submitted on my credit record to be removed. I have also completed the simple spreadsheet including te £25 charges and the dates they occured. Do I need to leave the 8% column on te spreadsheet when I send my prelimiary claim letter through or should I just state the date and ech of the £25 charges. I hope somebody can help because i've been staring at this for hours now and am really puzzzled. Regards, Tescgo
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