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  1. I have notified the agency their error and have returned the payment, as their good will gesture, they gave me £25 So honesty is the best policy....
  2. Hi there, As the title says 'I've been mistakenly been paid' in my bank account from a employment agency, I should of been paid for the training day session which I attended, but, however they've paid me extra 2-weeks of money which I haven't worked for? Now, the question is, can they withdraw that money back? though they have paid it into my bank account by error? Should I phone the agency and notify them their error, or should I keep hushy hush about it due to tough economic times :-? Regards Jal
  3. Thanks for the reply, I'll send it to the bank first & keep u guys updated on the outcome. Regards JAL
  4. Thanks for the reply, I was reading the template earlier on. So would i send the amendment letter to the bank or would I need to send it to both, the bank & court? Regards JAL
  5. Hi guys, just a quick question, i filed my bank charges claim in court back in september 2008. Do i need to amend my bank charges claim from penalty charges to UTCCR?
  6. lol. Yeh i suppose so, oh well lets wait and see what happens. Thanks again to everyone who has helped me. Regards JAL
  7. so basically i would now need to wait until 31st January 2009?
  8. Hi guys, Ive received a 'General Form of Judgement or Order' from the county court. It is order that 'stay until conclusions of the litigation instituted by the office of fair trading or until 31st January 2009 which ever is earlier. At conclusion of the stay either party may apply for further directions' Is there anything i need to do now? Kind Regards JAL
  9. Yes i did sort out my 'draft order for directions' i included it with the AQ as an attachment, as advised from a response in this thread. Anyways, can someone tell me what the next step is for me so that i am prepared. I used the template provided for my 'draft order for directions'. The Claimant shall within 14 days of service of this order send to the Defendant and to the Court: a) A schedule setting out each charge repayment of which is sought, showing the date, amount, and reason given (if any) for that charge being made; b) Copies of any statement or other document relied upon as showing that each and every charge has been made; c) A statement of evidence of all matters relied upon as tending to show that the charges are irrecoverable as penalties or otherwise; d) Copies of decided cases and other legal materials to be relied upon. So basically Would i need to send in the next 14-days; my copy of statements showing each charges that were applied to my account, and provide a spreadsheet showing the dates & amount charged... Also how would i provide a statement of evidence to show that the charges are irrecoverable as penalties? Regards JAL
  10. thanks guys, will post it off tommorow recorded delivery.... I'll keep you guys updated as soon as i hear something back.... Regards JAL
  11. Hi there, I'm bit stuck on Section G 'Other Information', according to the 'Allocation Questioonaires - A guide to completion' forum which you suggested me to read. it shows a copy of 'draft directions' Do i need to attached a copy of 'draft directions' in section G? Regards JAL
  12. Thanks for that mate, that was very useful, full off answers to my question! I'll keep you guys updated with the outcome.. Many thanks again Kind Regards JAL
  13. hi guys, Ive received a Notice in the post, that a defence has been filed by the defendant and a copy has been enclosed. (shall i write this out so you guys can have a read or would it be a standard format reply from the DG Solicitors to all the claimants?) It has also asked me to complete the allocation questionnaire on or before the 23rd August 2008. I need advice on the following sections of the allocation questionnaire: Section A: Settlement Do you Wish an further action in this claim to be postponed for one month so that you and the other party can attempt to settle the claim either by informal discussion or by alternative dispute resolution? (Yes or No) Section C: Track Do you agree that the small claims track is the most suitable track for this claim? (Yes or No) Section D & E would i need witnesses or experts? Regards JAL
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