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  1. Thank you! So it's not a foregone conclusion then? The tone of the letter seems to imply that they have already won Jooles:)
  2. Hi -have today received a reply to my preliminary request for payment - have tried to copy this word for word:- Dear Goonerjooles. We acknowledge receipt of your complaint about bank charges. we believe your complaint concerns the leve, fairness or lawfulness of the charges. If it concerns something else, such as an administrative error, please let us know. We believe the charges are fair, transparent and lawful. However, the bank (along with a nmber of other banks) has now become involved in legal proceedings with the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) in relation to bank charges w
  3. Many thanks - getting more confident with this - but still can't believe they'll pay out - expecting a reply along the lines of "you got yourself overdrawn, it's your own fault..." But am in it till the end now - have claimed £2,600 without interest so far so will be a very happy bunny if successful Jooles
  4. Hi - haven't been able to update for a while but have now sent off my preliminary request and counting down the 14 days. I will update as soon as I have any response. Am I right in thinking that a response from the bank along the lines of "we are looking into this" does not count and that I should still send in the LBA if I have not had an offer of settlement? Jooles
  5. Good luck - I'm just starting out on this too but you'll find loads of support and advice on this site. Jooles
  6. Many thanks Enron. Sending off the prelim letter asap. And by the way, there is only one team Jooles
  7. Thanks Enron & Sparkie - should I do this before I put in the prelim letter? and should I then give them another 40 days to respond or is this still from the original S.A.R? Sorry - really lost here and don't want to do anything to make it easy for RBS to laugh at me any further. They have already charged me another £376 pounds in charges this month - £76 pounds of this is for twice bouncing the £10 cheque I sent in with my S.A.R!!!! Jooles
  8. Hi Sparkie Glad to see you're still rocking and rolling. We're all still rooting for you. Jooles
  9. Hi Enron Thanks for your reply - not quite sure I understand though. I got my statements back and a very brief cover letter stating that any manual intervention is notified to the customer at the time - do I need to do anything else before I put in my preliminary request for repayment? Jooles
  10. Thanks havinastella - the £12 is a fee you agree to when you take out a Royalties Gold account - not sure what the service is though! - I have been doing some checking on some of the other threads and it would appear that I can, as you say, claim back the amounts above the £12 that they have charged me. So far I'm looking at over £2,000 woo hoo, but still can't believe they'll pay up. I'm filling in my spread sheet later today and printing off that prelim letter to send recorded delivery first thing Monday. Do I send that to the Edinburgh head office or my branch please? Can't thank everyone
  11. Well - statements arrived and it's all totting up very nicely - can anyone answer a query for me please - I know I can't claim back the £12 service charges each month that I pay for the Royalties Gold but some months I have been charged £30 or £40 instead of the £12 when I have been overdrawn. Can I claim back any amounts over and above the £12 service charge? Many thanks Jooles
  12. Thanks Citizen - have managed to start breathing again so signs are good!
  13. Hi Sparkie - OMIGOD!!!! I have just read through your thread and am totally touched that you found the time to offer support to me on my thread - in fact you were the very first person to post a reply - so thank you very much. I'm an absolute beginner and novice at this but (as well as being terrified by what you have gone through) I am more determined to continue with my stab at the RBS. Keep up the good work Sparkie! Power to the People!! You will win in the end Jooles
  14. Thanks seaside lady - diary marked and the clock is ticking
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