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  1. I work for a large company in the UK. I recently discovered that most of my departmental colleagues are part of a bonus scheme, which is part of their contract. On reviewing my own contract, there is no mention of the bonus scheme and it was never communicated to me on commencement of employment or during my 18 months with the company. It seems that the bonus scheme was excluded from my offer of employment but was included in many people in similar roles employed before and after me. Although everyone has different jobs, we all work for the same department and I don't think the
  2. Hi, thakns for the reply - I'll put it in a spreadsheet. The 75p interest comes from adding all the interest shown in my statements' money out column. It only added up to 75p for a 10 month preiod. Does sound weird though... probably best to disregard.
  3. Hi all, I used your Subject Access reequest letter to get a list of statements from A&L and have just completed the initial letter, which I'll send tomorrow. The advice is to "include a schedule of charges", is this photocopies of your statements showing the charges (i.e. highlighting the charges and interest) or should I type out the date and details of each charge in a spreadsheet? I'll keep this updated with my progess. PS - I'm based in Scotland, so will be following the Scottish procedure. My claims are for £440 plus 75p of interest. Cheers!
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