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  1. Last laugh, sounds like you've had a really horibble day. I had no idea re charging order, that's really scary. I assumed that charging orders were issued at the judges discretion
  2. sorry to be a pain, do you think i've interpruted the letter correctly? im going to send a copy to court today, and was going to enclose a letter saying that i feel this confirms that Largo have no intention of pursuing bankruptcy and are therefore wasting mine and the courts time... not sure if that would be appropriate or not?
  3. Do you think that the letter acknowledges the fact that they're not interested in bankruptcy? I was worried that the letter had a completely different meaning that i just wasnt understanding? Surely the court wouldn't be very happy with this letter, as it's just wasting their time?
  4. thankyou, its really confused me!! I've got no idea at all how to take it, from the previous correspondence i've received from them this has been the least agressive, which has unneverved me. It's from Largo, they've not been a particuarly plesant company to deal with. I was hoping that they'd drop the statutory deman, i guess that wont happen
  5. hi, please can someone help, i attended court a month ago to have a stautory demand set aside, the case was ajourned as i was waiting for SAR and CCA. CCA still hasnt arrived and last week i sent a CCA non compliance letter (i requested CCA on May 27th) today i have received a letter from Largo, and im not too sure what to make of it. It acknowledges receipt of the letter, and says that theyre aware that i havent received CCA's and upon receipt of them from HSBC they will forward them to me, the next paragraph says: "However, at this time, our client is not attmepting to enforce the agree
  6. i thought it was, but this wasn't the impression that i was given by the judge. The case is now in a weeks time, i have submitted my written defence and written to largo re the none compliance to CCA request. Absolutely terrified about going back to court
  7. hiya, yes i saw the response on your thread, and have copied it into word. I suppose it's about time i submit it soon as courts in two weeks. I have the SAR's, just no CCA's, the deadline expired on the 17th of July, so they've had the 14 working days and the additional 40 days, and nothing. I've written to them today via recorded delivery to highlight the fact the the debt is now non enforcable whilst the default continues and told them to withdraw all proceedings. Pretty sure that Largo will just ignore it. I've also didnt receive any lba, which im pretty sure that they should have issued? W
  8. i didnt complete a written defence last time. I received Largos a day before the case, and the court didnt have a copy. I havent managed to make any progress at all with my defence due to lack of CCA, so there i really would like the case adjourned.. just dont know if there are any special forms etc. Good luck with your court hearing xx
  9. hiya vikingbird, thanks for your response. it was all a bit garbled on the day, we had received the SAR, and i told the judge that the debt was in dispute as one one debt more then 50% made up of charges which i have written to HSBC about. Due to the representative that Largo sent and the judge being quite pushy we didnt really have the oppotunity to mention the CCA. the thought of going back to court terrifies me.
  10. Hiya, Really helping someone can help me. We attended court on 30/06 re a SD, the case was adjourned as we were awaiting a SAR and CCA, and in addition Largo didn't really have any of their paper work sorted. We are now due back in court in 2 weeks time, but Largo still have responded to the request for the CCA. They are now in default so i have written a letter tonight (well used one of the brilliant ones from here) But im really paniking now, as what do i do if they dont respond? I really dont want to go to court again, the judge said that unless i came up with a better defence then he'd rul
  11. Sorry for the delay. hope everything goes well x i had no idea i had to post a defence either! :-s Largos defence arrived a day before the case. The judge didnt have a copy. As Largo hadn't produced the CCA's they bought along letters that we'd sent offering payments, they said that these were proof that the debt was ours. Im not sure what had happened but we were served with 3 Sd's, so completed 3 lots of paper work and took them to the court. But when it came to the cases we only received paper work for one, the judge a different one and Largo the other! The letter that Largo had bought alon
  12. hiya sorry to sound really stupid, i sent a letter using the CCA request template on here and received an acknowledgement from LARGO in May, shouldn't they have sent it by now? Will the other letter help more with my defence? (i'd rather not have to go back to court!) thankyou x
  13. hiya, me and hubby are in exactly the same situation. Hubby was served with a SD by Largo in regards to debts from HSBC, we sent a CCA request and a SAR, by the time the court date arrived still no CCA, attended court (as did a Largo representative) case has been adjourned for 4 weeks as the judge laughed at the state of Largos paper work... The court case is now in a couple of weeks and still no CCA, im worried as last time i went to court the judge said that bank charges were not a reasonable defence and that if next time nothing had changed then he would have to rule in largos favour. I kno
  14. hiya, i'd like to say a huge thankyou, this site has helped me so much (and i think it's safe to say saved me from going completely insane.) i feel cheeky for asking for help, as im sure that all this has been answered somewhere but i've just worked myself up into a blind panic and can't see it. Anyway. Due to my husband losing his job 3 years ago we have been unable to meet loan and credit card repayments. we have negotiated amended terms and having never defaulted on these and have been increasing then whenever we are able to. All was going ok until around 6 months ago when a debt for HSBC w
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