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  1. All, Thanks for your replies on this one, I went down to car park today to take photographs and called into the bank (Natwest), as this was the one being visited by my wife Parking bay directly outside). I was going to ask if this was common practice re. the parking. They asked for the notice and informed me that they would deal with it and not too worry and that they deal with several a day..... Apparently the parking bays are marked permit holders only but you can park there for up to 30mins if visiting one of the adjacent businesses... So thanks to everyone.....
  2. Hi, Thanks for the response.... Date of offence is 10.10.2014 & date on letter is 15.10.14. No ticket was applied to car, the notice has PARKING CHARGE NOTICE at top of letter if that helps.
  3. Hi, looking for a little advice, I have been browsing through previous threads but getting a little confused. Just got home and found that my Wife has received a Parking Charge Notice issued by New Generation Parking Management, The letter states that £60.00 to be paid within 14days for no valid permit. The "Offence" was at Talbot Green CF728AL. No ticket or notice was affixed to car at time of "alleged" incident. There are some grainy pictures attached showing my Wife's car, I followed link for High quality ones but they are not available on their website. My question is this, as the notice has been sent to my wife as she is registered keeper but the notice states that the vehicle is in breach of T&C's but the contractual signage is directed at the actual driver and not the registered keeper is this enforceable? Do I have to provide name of driver? Any help or advice is appreciated...
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