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  1. Hi Esio Trot, Have checked with my son and it is protected. He's reading through the paperwork to see what it says. We're not sure if the landlord is withholding it for 4 weeks because he argues the tenancy doesn't end till then, or if it is to take the 4 weeks rent he claims my son owes. The worry is that now my son has moved out and handed over the key anything could happen to the flat and be blamed on my son so the landlord could keep the deposit and demand 4 weeks rent (which I'm afraid I wouldn't put past him). I'm wondering if my son is entitled to ask for the key to be returned until the date the landlord states is the end of the tenancy.
  2. Hi Esio Trot, I've no idea if it was protected - how would I find out and why does not having protection mean trouble for my landlord and not my son? When we handed it over the landlord did say that if it was a gift from me to my son that was better for him than if I was loaning ot to him, but I don't know why.
  3. Thanks MrShed, Would it be worth my son seeing a solicitor, or just give up. Our other concern is that he is withholding the bond, and my son has handed the key in.
  4. Thanks so much Esio Trot - I've been worried sick about this. The whole episode has been a nightmare from beginning to end. When Housing Benefit lost my son's claim the landlord told him he didn't believe he'd put one in and immediately started demanding money from me as guarantor. When the claim was found there was no apology for calling my son a liar, just a comment that Housing Benefit are always losing claims! My son has mental health issues and got this tenancy through his support worker, but the landlord has hassled both my son and I constantly. I'm sorry for the rant, it's just such a relief to be able to explain our situation. In reply, this is the wording on the letter sent to my son. I'm not sure if it is a legal Notice to Quit, but it does imply that he is not willing to let my son go over to periodic tenancy. What do you think? We are writing to give you written notice that you must vacate the above property at the end of your tenancy agreement. Usually we would allow tenants to remain in a property as long as they wished under a periodic tenancy but as your case has caused such a disproportionate amount of administration and as we have not received any response to a number of our letters, and have encountered reluctance to respond to matters relating to the housing benefit department, we have decided we must find a more suitable tenant for this property.
  5. Hi all, I hope someone can help me with this one. My son took out a 6 month tenancy in October '97, but because of a mix up with Housing Benefit the landlord sent him a Notice to Quit letter in December stating that he would not be willing to let him stay on after that. My son tried to find somewhere, but was unable to by April and so continued to stay in the property waiting to be evicted. (Not right I know, but better than being homeless.) During this time the majority of his rent was paid by Housing Benefit, with him paying the shortfall. He was finally able to find a new place and let his landlord know. He now says that he was on a periodic tenancy and had to give 4 weeks notice. As such he owes 4 weeks rent. I signed the original agreement as guarantor and now he says that original contract still stands. Can he do this after giving notice to quit?
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