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  1. The 40 days are up for my statements. They told me last week that i should have had them by now... Any way this morning they still werent here so i faxed accross the following to a bloke in the claims department who is supposedly dealing with my request. LETTER BEFORE ACTION Section 7 – Data Protection Act 1998 Dear Sir/Madam You have failed to comply with my Data Protection Act Subject Access Request dated 03/08/06. If you do not comply within the next 7 days I shall seek a Court order obliging you to do so together with damages at the discretion of the Cou
  2. Thanks for that! I couldnt believe it when i saw it. Rotten [email protected] Arent they!
  3. Excellent! Well done I found a dodgy default on my account too... So wrote to equifax today to see if they could investigte for me. Failing that i will write to them myself. Good news for you though!....
  4. I have recently seen my experian credit report, and was shocked to find that there was a default on there from 2001 from Telewest Broadband. For £10!!!! Firstly there is no way i would allow myself to get a default for a tenner. Seconly i have NO recollection of ever receiving a letter from them saying i was going to be served with a default. The default is served on me at my old address. Is it possible that they served it when i no longer lived there? I am going to send them a letter - as below: However does any one know if it is the corrrect letter to use - I know
  5. Hi All Sent off the data protection letter requesting a list of all charges on the 5th September. I am just a bit worried, as on Thursday of last week I received a letter saying the account needs to be brought up to date and payment needs to be made immediatly or else I will have a default notice put on me. I also received a letter on the same day from Interim Justtifica (or whatever they are called) saying i am in arrears and need to pay immediatly. Well i am really annoyed as if they would just stop charging me it wouldnt be in arrears. It is £270 that i need to pay to
  6. Hello I have all my statements and am just about to do the preliminary approach for repayment letter and schedule of charges. I used the schedule of charges template in the library on Excel - However i am just a bit worried as to whether i have filled it in correctly. In the column where it says Interest on Penalties,(and all the other interest related columns) i have left these blank - is this correct? I am only claiming £226 in total. Basically i have entered the dates of the 6 charges and the detail of the penalty , the penalty charged, and the cumulative column has
  7. Ok - i set off my data protection letter to the Halifax on the 9th August - So they have 40 days from the 11th August. They cashed my cheque on the 23rd August. However...I have a letter yesterday morning saying they will not do any thing for me until i authorise for them to take £5 from my account for the statements. There is a fax number on the top of the letter - 08456039009 I was thinking of sending a reply by fax - is this a good idea? Also, shall i tell them they have until the 19th September to have the info sent to me...or i shall be taking it further? Ha
  8. Hi Cathy, It is a bit nerve wrecking, but i think it will be more so as it comes to the court stages, Dont worry though - we will stick together! If i were you i would ring the bank (08457203040) and ask them if they have received your request yet - (you have been waiting longer than i have) so i think you are justified. Dont be nervous - just remember you are in charge - not them. Good luck to you! x
  9. Good luck to you! I will keep an eye out for your posts to see how your getting on. My highlighter pen is out, ready and waiting!
  10. Just thought i would write this because it made me laugh... Sent my letter with £10 cheque requesting List of charges on August 9th - My cheque was cashed by them on the 23rd August. I thought i would give them a ring this morning to see how they were getting on...(even though they have a while to send them yet) I called and asked the advisor if they had received my request yet - knowing full well they have... I was put on hold for about 7 minutes (du du du du du du duuuuu, du de doo de daa) that is the hold tune i just know i am going to be getting familiar with! When sh
  11. Hello all, I have decided to stop lurking and come out into the public eye.... I have been reading the info on this site for weeks now, and last week I actually bit the bullet and i sent off my request for bank statements. Wowzers! (I figured if i'm not ready now i never will be) Not heard any thing from them just yet but im sure I will soon. This is a great site and every one seems so helpful and friendly. I feel a bit overwhelmed and unsure of myself, but I am sure there will be plenty of help for me when I need it. And WHEN i get my money back I will be abl
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