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  1. Thanks dx I haven't paid anything to either of these since 01/12/2010, so all ok on that front. I will do as you say and wait until such time as they can produce an enforceable agreement. The default for both has been and gone, so they cannot do any more harm to my credit file, unless they manage to find an EA, which I am guessing is highly unlikely, as if it existed they would have already taken me to court. I'll post back when I hear anything else from them.
  2. I have received further correspondence from Cabot. In relation to the Vanquis debt - I received a letter saying they acknowledged my CCA request and the 12 day time limit, but they are unlikely to have in this time but expect to have something within 40 days. What should I do if they haven't supplied the information by the 31st July (12+2), is there another letter I need to issue to them and does them stating it will take 40 days have any bearing? Back onto the Next debt now and I received their letter about the CCA, that was dated the 15th July, however a few days
  3. Quick update regarding the Next debt, I have received a reply to my CCA request stating: 'We confirm that we have requested a Statement of Account and Copy of the Agreement from the Original Creditor and we will forward this to you upon receipt' My account is on hold while they do this. So looks like the letter about seeking a decree was just a threat-o-gram, as to actually carry it out, wouldn't they need to have proof the debt was enforceable etc? Nothing yet re the CCA request for the Vanquis one, will post back when I get their reply to this one, although I'm assuming it will be
  4. Thanks for sorting the pdf's, appreciate you doing that and I will heed your advice for any future docs I upload. Yes Next is for just under £1200 and as you say costs wouldn't exactly be cheap to take me to court over it, especially given I'm on benefits and don't have eff all to give them anyway. I will send a SAR to Vanquis to get all the data they hold on me and will post back when I get it through for that one. Now that I have sent CCA, does that buy me a bit more time before they can formally instruct sheriff proceedings on the Next one? They are so underhand
  5. Thanks again Renegade, CCA's are away so I will wait to see what they say and post back what they send. dx, I think this should be the letters uploaded for you as requested, I wasn't overly bothered about the Vanquis one as fairly tame, it was the Next one where they say they are going to next stage which worried me, as I am just about to come out the other side of all this and then these beggars come along and threaten to put me back to square one. Any further guidance fully welcomed. Regards Bingo
  6. Hi Renegade, I have just realised my bank lets me download 7 years worth of transactions, so I have just gone all the way back through to try and work out. From what I can see I was making DD payments to the Vanquis debt with them (based on reference numbers I have)and the last payment I made to them being on 01/12/10 - I have not spoken with or paid them anything since then as far as I am aware. Am I therefore screwed with this one given I have just sent them a CCA request? I will be gutted it so as I guess I could have chanced my arm for another couple of months and it w
  7. Just a quick update, I found a more up to date link for a CCA letter template from another post of yours on a different topic. Have sent both CCA's, 1st class recorded, just now with £1 PO, left it all blank, apart from writing on back that it was only for the statutory fee. Will update when I hear back from them Thanks Bingo
  8. Hi fko, Firstly thanks for the quick response, and I do hope so. I am not sure if or when any payments were made to these accounts, it is all a bit of a blur and I can't remember who or what I paid when this all happened, how can I find this out as it is no longer showing on my credit file - do I need to submit a SAR to get the detailed info on any payments made to the accounts or will the CCA likely get me that info? Also I live in Scotland now, however the original debts were incurred in England - is it where you live that applies regarding the time elapsed at the time they co
  9. Hi all, Really looking for some help with some recent and out of the blue letters from Cabot Financial. In the last week I have received letters about 2 debts, I will cover both separately. Next Retail - Retail credit - £1200 I received a letter late last week or early this week dated 27th June, telling me I owed them money and to call them etc. I then received another letter today dated 4th July - basically saying they had decided they were going to take court action against me and seek a sheriffs court decree for the debt. Help what should/can I do. I haven't had a
  10. So sent the email to Mr Hester last night and this is the response my fiancee received today: ------------------------------------------------ Dear Miss xxx Thank you for your email which has been received by Stephen Hester's office. I am sorry to hear of the problems you have encountered recently. In view of your comments, we have asked for a full briefing from those involved. Once this is received, your complaint will be allocated to a case manager who will be in touch within the next two weeks. We will aim to get a response out to you as soon as we can but we also want t
  11. Hi rebel, Current update, I originally sent the letter into their complaints department, which was answered but not satisfactorily (I thought I would give them a chance). Basically they told me they had noted my complaint but a collections company (Transcom) was dealing with it and they had passed the details on and they would be in touch shortly and I should contact them from now on. Clearly they have just ignored the fact that all this has happened because they did not close the account as instructed. Have now taken your guidance and written a formal complaint to Mr Hester and em
  12. Hi, Hoping someone might be able to give a little guidance for me and even maybe a letter template. I recently got my fiancee to check her credit file and get her score from Experian usign the 30 day free service, so that we could see how we were both looking. When my fiancee's report came back there was a default logged against her for RBS. Looking into the information it appears that she went £25 over her overdraft limit and since then the charges have piled up and amassed to a staggering £723 in 24 months. They logged the deafult status against her last year in August, even though
  13. Thanks Raydetinu, whys does the vehicle have to be taxed? It has just passed the MOT and I have just put 6 months tax on it so I was hoping I could claim the remaining back, can I not remove the tax disc when I deliver it to them or they collect it? The car is in very good condition, just needs to be valeted and a small scratch on front bumper but I am hoping I can get that out with some T-Cut. Thanks again for your reply.
  14. Hi all, Hoping you can help and advise as I go with this one. I am about to start VT process with BCT. I took a car out with them in June/July 2009 over 48 months. I didn't take any insurances or extras so it is just the basic HP costs for the car. I am now at the official half way stage under the 50% rule. I am proposing to send the following letter, can anyone advise if this is good enough to cover everything and am I actually factually correct in being able to cancel my DD from the date they sign for the letter? I wanted to make sure I covered all bases up front with them
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