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  1. Hi all, I have terminal cancer and am trying to get my affairs in order. One of the issues is arrears owed to me for support of my son currently standing at £5k+. I contacted the CSA today to see if they could make my ex husband pay more than the £100 pcm he has been paying on this debt since July 2011 as it would take 5 years+ for the debt to be repaid to me/my son. It should be noted that my son is now 19 and I have been fighting the CSA on this issue for almost 18 years. I wanted an assurance that when I die the maintenance payments would continue to be paid to my son. I'm sure you can imagine how devastated I was to be told, (after being put on hold for 15 mins by them whilst they asked their legal dept), that the child support debt owed by my ex husband will die with me. I have been battling cancer since 2003 and worked through chemotherapy and radiotherapy to support my children, (I also have a 25 year old). I have done everything possible to ensure my children had a safe and happy home but it meant me working through serious illness and not taking the time I probably should have to get well. My cancer returned in 2010 and more recently in Nov 2011 in myliver. In short, I am dying. I need to find a way to ensure that this moral debt is repaid and know that I won't live the 5+ years the CSA say is necessary for the arrears to be paid. It may seem to some that I should be focusing on keeping well, but I will leave my 2 beautiful childen essentially orphaned when I die and I feel strongly that their Father shouldn't be allowed to get away with his moral obligation to provide for his children. I never waivered on loving and supporting them for most of their lives, and so this is very important to me. I could do with some help and idea's on how I can possibly contest this ridiculous rule that the CSA have. This is for the good of my children essentially, but also, if necessary to get the rules changed so that any debt owed by a negligent absent parent is intact even in the event of the death of the Parent with care. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Bump...anyone out there that can help! Many thanks
  3. All sounds VERY similar to my current confusing correspondence from DLC/Hillesden. The one thing I did notice though was the fact that Hillesden now say they are going to send a copy of the "original" documentation, rather than their previous stance of sending me anything THEY considered sufficient! Looks like they've realised that they have more chance of plaiting fog then finding an "original" document ...bless 'em. You really have to laugh at this bunch of idiots! xx
  4. Agreed Fuzzy! They are trying it on...big time! xx
  5. Looks like DLC and a few other DCA's are starting to try to deter people from fighting them by citing cases that would appear to imply they, (the DCA's) are justified in their action and therefore unbeatable. I'm not buying it! I have no doubt that CAGgers will come up with letter templates to blow their latest bullschmidt out of the water! In the meantime, if all you ask for is a CCA then it seems pretty obvious that if they had one they wouldn't hesitate to produce one...it would take a lot less effort that writing a long rambling letter that effectively says they don't have one but may have a cunning plan to scare you into the belief that they don't actually need one...for heavens sake...they are dillusional. xx
  6. Hi Phoenix, I have looked through a few threads but thought the hardship cases were largely applicable to reclaiming charges. It may be worth a look and see if I can help her adapt a letter using some of the detail. I've got a feeling Lloyds TSB won't be in any hurry to freeze interest which of course will put her into a situation where she has an unauthorised O/D that gets even higher charges. I have to help her as she's devastated at losing her job. Many thanks for your help, xx
  7. Hi folks, I need some advice in dealing with Lloyds TSB as one of my relatives has recently become unemployed and has an overdraft that is accruing charges. She needs to freeze interest on this account immediately so she is not getting further in debt. I've found a standard letter to request freezing the account but am interested to know how best to approach them to ensure they don't just bury her request and continue to add charges. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. xx
  8. I got one too, so can I join your club? How very dare they say they haven't heard from Moi! They did, and even signed for it so it's there for all to see. They wouldn't be lying by any chance would they? I mean, a DCA that doesn't tell the truth..that's almost unheard of As for me, I'm not bovvered. Not one of the DCA's that Argos set on me have been able to supply a CCA. Why? Because they don't have one. I'm not even going to waste £1 on a CCA request. So I will, (whenever I can be ar$ed), write back and tell them politely to put up, or shut up. xx
  9. Am beginning to think that DLC stands for dumba$$ little chancers. :D xx
  10. Hi folks! just thought you'd like to know that I got the exact same letters from dlc. Ive told them to get lost as Argos Card Services didn't even manage to provide me with a CCA so they have got no chance! As was said, it seems Argos have sold the alleged debts on to this bunch of no-hopers who have a snowballs chance in hell of recovering jack schidt from their investment...Happy Christmas dlc xx
  11. Hi Citb, I finally got round to sending the bemused letter so will wait to see what Cabot do next. I'm not even vaguely bothered by them though as their letters seem luke warm to me, not like some of the other DCA's I have had threatograms from. Perhaps they know they haven't got a snowballs chance in hell of me paying them so are trying the softly, softly approach. We shall see! xx
  12. The silence has ended! I got a letter from Cabot, along with a letter from Cap1 saying they sold the debt to Cabot. On the reverse of the letter from Cabot, it says: "this letter acts as notice of assignment".... The letter from Cap1 looked a bit strange, so on checking the previous ones I received, it's clear that they have removed any contact numbers, and the office address, although they have included the registered office details on the bottom of the page. Looks like Cabot have been given their letter heads...naughty! As my account with Cap1 was in dispute, and they failed to supply promised information, I'm going to have to send Cabot a strongly worded letter methinks! Any suggestions gratefully received. xx
  13. Thanks for that Steven, that's just what I thought! I posted here as Lollipop has been most helpful, so I thought she'd like to know how it's going. I won't start my own thread at the mo' as they all seem to go pretty much the same way. If they do anything radically different, I will reconsider. xx
  14. Egg have apparently defaulted me and now say they are ready to commence legal action....(good luck with that then!). One problem though, I haven't received a DN. Of course it is possible that this has been sent via the website, but as I don't access it anymore, I haven't seen it. Should they rely on an electronic version of such an important document? They have also overshot the 8 weeks stipulated for responding to my account in dispute letter. I have received several standard letters begging for payment, (as I stopped paying them a couple of months ago), but naturally ignored them as the account is in dispute. I assume I will get a letter from Moorcroft or some other DCA threatening all manner of things. Looks like this thread will prove very helpful in dealing with them. xx
  15. Like I said...Capquest are pretty lame. They're a bunch of amateurs. To do nothing seems a good idea, particularly as they responded to a letter you never even sent. IDIOTS!! xx
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