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  1. It's Northern Ireland and relates to my other post about PCN-24 (and a subsequent PCN-26). I guess it's not going to be easy to figure out!
  2. Are there any regulations that prohibit parking on-street alongside another vehicle which is parked in a designated lay-by i.e. double parking? The lay-by accommodates one car and is bordered at the back by an angled kerb and at the front by a large gateway allowing access to houses (therefore parking beside it does not in any way block or limit access to either the lay-by or the gateway).
  3. Maybe this picture gives a clearer view of where the car was parked. http://i38.tinypic.com/2r7mtyf.jpg[url=http://i38.tinypic.com/2r7mtyf.jpg][/url]
  4. Is there any chance that I can use fact that that the contravention is worded 'not parked close to the kerb AND within a designated parking space'? The vehicle WAS parked close to the kerb as both their photos and ours show. Is this enough to make it invalid because, strictly speaking, only half of the statement is correct?
  5. Not easily. The photo I posted on 25 Aug is almost identical to theirs - if that helps. If we aren't going to appeal the ticket it has to be paid by tomorrow, otherwise the fee payable doubles. I need to post the appeal letter today so it arrives by tomorrow.
  6. green_and_mean ... any advice on how we should word the appeal letter? We have to send it off tomorrow. Cheers.
  7. Guys, guys, please don't fight. I'm just grateful for any advice on whether this PCN was justified and, if not, how best to appeal it.
  8. The legislation (as stated on the PCN) is 'The Traffic Management (Northern Ireland) Order 2005 Articles 4 to 17 (as amended)' - if that helps? The PCN says that the vehicle 'was seen in ** Street (Belfast) on (Date) **** From (Time) 13.47 To (Time) 13.49 by Traffic Attendant: ****' Who had reasonable cause to believe that the following parking contravention had occurred: 26 Vehicle not parked close to the kerb and not within a designated parking space.
  9. Sorry the pic is so big. Again, note the cars in the background parked on the double yellows. Did they get a ticket ... I doubt it!
  10. Thanks green-and-mean. I've viewed their photos online and the only difference from the last ticket is that the car is actually closer to the kerb! It appears (given that the ticket was issued by a different 'traffic attendant') that they're just picking a random number from their list to see if they can get some money out of me. I'll post a pic.
  11. Arrgh! My other half just got a ticket for parking in exactly the same place. This time they used contravention 26 'Vehicle not parked close to the kerb and not within a designated parking space'. He has photos to prove that he was no more than about 6 inches from the kerb (closer than in the previous picture) - how close do they expect you to park? It is worth appealing again?
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