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  1. This seems to me to be more of a racist issue rather than anything else.
  2. Yeah I know, I work in the finance department at the head office so am a little more than aware of what is going on now. Seems we have applied to go into administration even though there has been a management buy out. Wont really know anything till Monday or beyond that. Just taking each day as it comes now. Stupid thing is I was asked today to send out offer letters for interviews I did last week offering people jobs, obviously I refused saying it was morally un-ethical to let someone leave a "stable" job for a company whose company is so un-certain. As for being a senior at a regional unfort
  3. Hi ya all, well how things change in just a weekend. The Company I work for is MFI I am sure you have all seen it in the papers over the last couple of days and for me it was total stress over the weekend. It has now had a cash injection and our jobs are sort of safe (as much as they can be in this present climate). We have been assured because we work in finance our jobs are the most secure but who knows. Next time (if there is one) I think I would check a company out before leaving my job to work for another company. Thanks for your replies and hopefully I wont be moaning about my job next t
  4. Hi all I have just left a job to join a new Company last week and have found out that it could be going into administration. At the interview they made no attempt to advise me that this was going to happen. Have only been there two weeks I am now worrying about the future and feel that I have been totally misinformed. They offered really good wages £32k and a good future with them. Was told yesterday that they can gaurentee my wages this month but not for next month, you can imagine I was gutted and its not only me that is going to suffer I am talking roughly 1500 people. It seems to me
  5. Got to be Tears in Heaven such nice words and I think we will all meet there one day x
  6. Hi I had a ticket from these people in a Tesco car park nearly two years ago, I wrote to them and said as far as I was concerned Tesco did not charge for parking and that I was actually shopping in the store at the time regardless of the time I spent in the store and have not had a word from them since. I am sure they cannot enforce the tickets they issue x
  7. Thanks very much Scott for your reply I will find out as much as I can. To be honest I have ignored the letter up until yesterday
  8. HI I am new to here but really need some sensible advice. I had a bank account with Lloyds Bank over five years ago. Short version of the story is: I went £80.00 over my overdraft, sold the house, forgot to pay the overdraft and now five years later I have a debt collection agency trying to collect £2789.00. I have dealt with a agency in the past who unfortunately only said to me verbally that as far as they were concerned the file was closed and that was about 18 months ago. Now I have a new agency chasing me for money. Any advice ?
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