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  1. Will the court ask me if I agree to a postponement? The Yorkshire Bank can try what they like I'm not going away. Now I'm annoyed its not just about money.
  2. Just recieved my copy of Yorkshire Banks AQ. In it they are asking for the claim to be postponed for one month so that somehow both parties can attempt to settle the claim by informal discussion? Are they really going to try to resolve it informally within a month? If not how can I tell the courts this is a waste of time and these routes have already been exhausted. In addition they are intending to present 2 witnesses when it goes to court - that should be interesting !
  3. I used the exact same particulars of claim that you have (different dates and amounts obviously). I just used my local bank address and put Yorkshire Bank as the defendant.
  4. Just to keep you all informed I rang my local court up and they have confirmed that they have recieved my allocation questionnaire. I suppose its getting nearer but slowly - anyone else got this far?
  5. No they havent mentioned counterclaiming - or will that come later?
  6. Just returned my Allocation Questionnaire so its just a case of sitting tight now and waiting to see what happens
  7. Well I thought I was going to win by default but with 2 days to go they have entered a defence - cant wait to see it. Now I know they are just stalling its really annoying me. The thing they dont understand is that my account (which I'm going to close) is very healthy now as I'm back working and I'm not desperate for this money (unlike I was edit). That means I want my day in court and unless they cough up every last penny thats what I will get - they had their chance. Please do not use libellous claims that could cause problems for the site.
  8. sorry - didnt think the background to my case was relavent to the question I asked
  9. I thought you only paid out for the AQ if your claim was over £1500 ?
  10. My moneyclaim against Yorkshire Bank shows acknowledged on 4th July and they intend to defend. What date do they need to offer a defense by before I win by default?
  11. My moneyclaim file is showing as acknowleged on 4th July and the bank state they intend to defend. How long do now before it goes to court?
  12. I've just seen online the papers that will be served and they are from Northampton Court? Does this mean if it goes to court I have to go to Northampton?
  13. I have just completed and paid for my moneyclaim against the Yorkshire Bank and been allocated a claim number. What happens now? and is there anything specific I need to do ? contact my bank etc
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