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  1. Hi Major Thank you for your reply, I have yet again gone through the document and my sounds exactly the same as yours. The rates on mine are also different and I cannot see any codes matching on the front and rear of the document. I did send them a letter on 30 October asking them to verify whether it came from one original document but have not had a reply. Not sure how much longer I can give them to answer this request? As soon as I hear from them I will put up a reply. Thanks once again and good luck!
  2. I will get onto this straight away and see what their reply is. Cheers
  3. Thanks for that Steven. What would you suggest I now do? Send them the letter saying they have not provided me with the info I requested etc?
  4. Thanks for your reply, the first attachment I posted was the document with my signature on and the second attachment was printed on the reverse of the first document. Does this mean it is therefore enforceable and the terms are sufficient for them to do this. Thanks once again.
  5. Thanks sea sidelady!Appreciated.
  6. Thanks for your friendly reply. Looks like i came to the right place.
  7. Hi everyone, What a great site you have here, hoping for some help on a question but when I posted it it said that I had to wait for a moderator before it was posted. Hope you can help me. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, Can I start by saying what a great and informative site this is. I recently sent a cca to the Halifax after quite a few weeks this was there response, please see attachments. Am I right in thinking that what they have sent is an application? They also sent an 8 page document with lots of prescribed terms on it but this was not signed by myself and isn't signed by anyone, from reading others pages on this forum they seem to be doing this to quite a few people, I didn't receive this document to sign when I took the credit card out. Could someone give me any advice a sto whether the attached docs look right or whether I should pursue them with the next letter? thanks in advance. http://i492.photobucket.com/albums/rr282/pedro1978/halscan3001.jpg http://i492.photobucket.com/albums/rr282/pedro1978/halscan2001.jpg
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