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  1. Hello I've been looking through this post with some interest and this caught my eye, as I broached this particular subject a while back and was told that whilst the DCA did not have the CCA, they can still register a default. I have no CCA's from three DCA's and had been content to let the defaults sit on my credit file for six years as opposed to paying unenforceable debts. Is writting to them with the quoted content advisable? Did RBS come back wit a response to this? cheers RC
  2. Hello I have a couple of defaults on my credit expert account and could just do with a bit of advice regarding them... I have cca'd them all and all three do not have original paperwork so I am confident I will not hear from them again casing the debt and have between 6 months and 2 years for them to become statute barred. However, due to the defaults I am having, understandibly, a lot of trouble orgainsing credit for a car which I really need for my work... so my question is... if you started paying a debt at an agreed monthly amount, do they remove the default and start putti
  3. Hiya Thank you all for your input so far! Do I include copies of the statements in with my letter? Having read a number of threads on here and having read items on the lloyds website that say they are putting all claims for charges on hold until after various appeals, I was just wondering if anyone had had any succes in offering discounts on settlements to the bank and if this is a viable option (and recommended)? i.e. if you settle within 10 days i will accept a settlement of £xxxx.xx which is 75/80/90% of the total amount.
  4. After reading numerous victories against Lloyds I thought I'd give it a go and tyr and reclaim all of my bank charges since i opened my account in 2005. I just have a few questions if someone could spare a moment or two? From my statements I have two lists; one of unpaid/returned chq's/DDs and SO's and another of unplanned OD Fees. The first list equals £870 and the second equals £737. Am I able to reclaim for both the returned items and the unplanned OD Fees or just the returned items? (hopefully both!!) I currently have a £300 overdraft facility with lloyds, of which I proba
  5. my housemate recently changed our gas and elec supplier and, as such, we've been sent a final bill for £400 odd. my housemate has the approach of "**** 'em I'll pay it when they take me to court". i'd rather get this sorted asap so does anyone know if i were to send a cheque for half with a leter requesting that my name be taken from the account or any future correspondence... a) they'd do this b) what my legal rights are? c) has anyone else had this problem and what did they do? any help would be great! RC
  6. Hi all I recently joined creditexpert.com and was shocked to see a default from Halifax plc for £900-odd pounds. I did have a current account with Halifax but closed have not used it for a number of years. I was never given an overdraft facility so believe all of the costs to be interest or charges. It has been that long since I've dealth with Halifax that I can't remember any account numbers. Has anyone else been in this situation? I am tempted to write (possiibly recorded delivery) to their po box in leeds asking for account details so I can find out what's going on. Is this t
  7. Hiya what exactly am I saying in this letter? received this letter (copy attahched)... asking for £10 for information... this is against part xx of the xxx act and I wish to report them for this offence? something like that? Does anyone know what I can replace the xx's with? i've looked in the letters library but couldnt see anything - sorry if I'm being a bit thick! Thank you
  8. Is it worth sending a copy of the letter to the OFT with a complaint or just holding on to for now for possible further use?
  9. Hi Sam Thanks for your reply. The Debt Collection Agency is 1st Credit (I've read some of the threads on here and I dare say most will reognise the name). Do I still send £1.00 with the unknown debt letter or wait for a response then do the CCA request with £1? Thanks RC.
  10. Hello everyone If anyone could offer a little help I would be very grateful. I have received a letter from a Debt Collection Agency regarding a debt of £175 with a company I never heard of. they have stated that the debt has been assigned to them and "in accordance with the Data Protection Act I can request a copy of personal information on their computers for a fee of £10.00". I have read some of the threads on this site and was just wandering if I should send the 'General Debt Letter - if you know nothing about the debt' or the 'CCA request' from the library of letters on thi
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