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  1. Hi , thanks for your responses. I have checked my credit record and all seems fine on there. I guess I will just wait and see what happens next. Thanks again for your help, really appreciate it !!
  2. Hi, Hope I am posting this in the right place ... I think I have opened a whole can of worms whilst trying to pursue Lloyds TSB for PPI reclaim. I have received this morning a letter from Global, asking me to call them about an account, but they have just given me an account number, no name or amount. I have an inkling it might have been an extremley old loan that I defaulted on in much younger years from TSb (before the merge with Lloyds) I am talking about 12+ years ago. Strangely enough I have been banking with Lloyds all these years and nothings ever emerged. Its all I think it can be. Should I call them to find out more information? or are they just 'fishing' at the moment. If anyone has any advice it would be much appreicated as I am now pretty worried that they might take me to court and I really can't afford it right now Many thanks
  3. Many thanks I have to say since the first 3 phone calls, I told them i would only correspond by letter, and they havent phoned anymore !! I have sent them an email saying i was reporting them to OFT etc and havent heard any more at the moment. I will await the next letter! thanks for your help J x
  4. Ok, thank you, I will drop them an email stating that I havent recevied anything from them to prove the debt and that i am now making a complain to the OFT. Does that sound ok ?
  5. HELP!!! ignored the previous letter (as above) and have now received a letter from BCW saying they are preparing documents for the issue of a claim against me in my local court!!! They havent given me any information on why my debt wouldnt be statute barred after i sent the letter. should i get in touch and ask them if they can prove its not statute barred ? really panicing now thanks
  6. Back again have received a letter from BCW, saying that they have had a response from their client and request that i contact them by phone, they have put a 'delay' on my account for 10 days to enable me to respond!! what should i do?
  7. Have a had a letter saying that BCW have placed the account on hold, whilst they refer back to their client for further instructions. Hopefully thats the last i hear of it. thank you all so much, i would have been several hundred pounds worse off if i hadnt found this forum!!!
  8. I have just received a 'final notice' regarding payment of this debt, even though i know they received my statute barred letter before this got posted. should i do anything or just ignore ? thanks for your help
  9. Hi, Just an update Sent the letter by recorded delivery which got there wednesday morning. I had a call from them tuesday which i missed and they called again thursday evening. Before he even had a chance to 'confirm' who I was, I told him I had sent a letter and only wanted to be communicated to in writing from now on. On hindsight perhaps I should have listened to what he wanted to say, but they have made me so irate i don't want to say the wrong thing! I guess I just need to wait and see what happens! can this company fiel against me on my credit report ?
  10. Thank you so much for the advice, the letter was from Buchananclark + wells, they had been instructed by Aktiv Kapital Asset Investment Ltd, whoever they may be. I willl send them the statute barred letter tom. I'm guessing they are not going to be that easy to shake off. They phoned me at 9 this morning and after a bad nights sleep with my son they woke me up. I wasnt to polite . will update and thanks again!
  11. Hi I have had a letter out of the blue, from a debt collection agency, asking for £490 from a topshop card. I phoned the company who asked if i had lived at a certain address, which i had, and they said if i payed now , they would reduce to £300. I asked them to provide proof of the debt as it is at least 8/9 years since i lived there and although i have a vague recollection of a topshop card, i cannot remember any money owing on it. and i have had no correspondace from them in the last 8 years. The debt collection guy got a bit short with me and said if they had to proove the debt, they would want the full £490 and it would take a while. they gave me until tues to pay the debt! not sure on how i stand on this,l cant 100% guarantee the money isnt owed by me, but it so long ago! i have no paperwork. please help. thanks:)
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