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  1. Hiya Another useful website that could help is www.swarb.co.uk who have solicitors on site in the law discussion forums.
  2. A final note it seems that you have been dismissed with notice and dismissal date is imminent. From my understanding this means that you do not need to undergo the grievance procedures and can submit your ET1 and application for interim relief on date of dimissal. Should you wish to seek resolution (or not!) with your employers then it may be worth submitting a grievance (detailing the claims you will make on ET1)under the modified proceures on the date of your dismissal or included with response to solicitors letter which they should respond to in 28 days without a hearing. This could be
  3. Hi I am going through a similar experience and would offer the following advice if you are considering self litigating to keep costs to a minimum- Post on here! (obviously) Purchase Employment Tribunal tactics and precedents- invaluable. First chapter free on Employment Tribunal Claims Familiarise yourself with standard disciplinary and dismissal procedures/ grievance procedures (acas website) Acas - How can we help? Contact PCAW (Public concerns at work) and view their website. Lot of whistleblowing case histories on there www.pcaw.co.uk Throughout any grievance
  4. Hi everyone I tried to resign with immediate effect following a breach of trust by my manager but my resignation letter wasnt accepted by HR as they were "hopeful they could resolve my concerns and I would return to the business" which I agreed to. Following grievance outcome, which didnt uphold or resolve the concerns contained within my resignation letter, I was advised that should I not wish to appeal the outcome I could come back to work on account that my concerns had been addressed. (I was off sick at this point) As my concerns hadnt been addressed, I had no option but to
  5. This is great news! I am going through a similar experience so good to hear there is light! Can I pm u later?
  6. Can an employer accept resignation submitted with grievance whilst off with work related stress, prior to investigating grievance?
  7. Basically I brought a qualifying disclosure to line management attention which resulted in a dismissal and have suffered victimisation since eg lack of support from line manager, labelled a grass etc by colleagues/staff, malicious phone calls, undermining behaviour, unfounded complaints against me etc with the usual pack mentality approach. No actions put in place to offer additional support to me although difficulties I would face were recognised by management at the time of disclosure a couple of years ago. Latest lack of support from manager when I reported latest example of the above b
  8. Has anyone suffered victimisation at work following blowing the whistle on mal practise Advice needed on pursuing a claim for constructive dismissal.
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