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  1. Is there a template letter I could use or should I simply amend the one I used in 2008 by adding the details of the the harassment case heard by England and Wales Court of Appeal (Civil Division) Decisions.
  2. I received a letter from SRJ dated 26 Jan 11 stating, 'We have made enquiries for confirmation of your current place of residence. Information has been received confirming that your address details have changed to this address. Due to data protection legislation detals of the account are not included in this letter. Please call us immmediately quoting the above reference for more information. yours sincerely, SRJ' I replied by unsigned letter immmediately via recorded delivery stating that they were mistaken since I had resided at my current address since 31 Mar
  3. Thanks again. Will mail S10 notice recorded delivery today and will send form to Information Commissioners Office later this week when I have copied relevant documentation. Speaking to Trading Standards tomorrow. Oh, do I need to sign the S10 or simply type in my name as per the original letter?
  4. Sorry to be a pain again!! But I have downloaded a copy of the DPA 10 notice from net but not really sure how to amend it to suit my circumstances and of who I should send it to. I have attached a draft copy below. Notice pursuant to s.10 of The Data Protection Act 1998. Re: account no. XXXXXXXXX Account holder. XXXXXXXXX Address. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Whereas I have been a customer of XXXXXXX Bank since XXXYEARXXX and whereas I consented in my contract with you to the disclosure by you of certain data to third parties, at no time did I consent and neither was it within
  5. Letter sent today 'recorded first class delivery' as the post office wanted £10.30 for 'special delivery next day'. Will track receipt on internet. Downloaded Information Commissioners Office complaint form and will complete this week. Extremely grateful for your invaluable advice and support. Let's hope this ends the whole affair. Will update when response received.
  6. Fantastic! Thank you very much indeed. I assume that I now add the the personalised data to the letter and send by recorded delivery tomorrow. What do I need to do to report this matter to the Information Commissioners Office?
  7. Below is a draft of the letter that I have put together for your consideration. Once again I am most grateful for your support and assistance. I hope this does the trick. xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Susan Bigg TRANSCOM, Transcom House, Alban Park, Hatfield Road, St Albans, Herts. AL4 0LA 26th May 2008 Dear Madam, YOUR REFERENCE xxxxxxx In response to your letter dated 20th May 2008 that included a copy of the original credit agreement (requested by letter 22nd February 2008) I am writing to advise you again that I am most certainly not Mr xxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. That's fantastic!! I will put a letter together later today and post it as you have suggested. I am extremely grateful for your assistance.
  9. Thanks very much for the info. I am amazed (and perhaps naive) that this sort of tactic exists. It is perfectly clear that the signature on the credit agreement is nothing like mine. Does this not count for anything? Excuse my ignorance but which template letter are you referring to? As you can see I am a total novice at this.
  10. I have been chased by TRANSCOM since the beginning of this year for an outstanding credit card debt for an individual with the same name (different middle intial) and date of birth as me. This debt has been bougt from Monumnet credit cards by TRANSCOM. I have written to TRANSCOM in March to advise them that I have liability for this debt and deny any knowldege of it. I requested a copy of the agreement and details of the account which I have received 2 days ago. Their letter is again requesting that I contact them to arrange a repayment plan but does not acknowledge that I have disputed and de
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