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  1. I think you are right sir. Lowell have not paid the court fees. I believe the debt to be unenfocable, i think lowells believe it to be to. I think they were just trying it on in the hope that i will call them and give them some money. One thing that does suprise me though is that they have taken it this far. I will of course update when i have something new to report
  2. Scrap the last post, just seen unclebulgaria has already translated. So it's back to waiting this is all great fun! Lol. Thanks unclebulgaria.
  3. Can anybody translate the above letter I received from court please. Thankyou.
  4. Hey guys, Quite a big update with a question. Right, so i recieved a court date, which is this tuesday, november 2nd. I wrote to the court recently, saying that i wouldnt be attending on medical grounds, but to take a written statement in my absence. They would have recieved that today, so the letter i recieved today has nothing to do with the letter i sent. This is where my question enlies... This is the general gist of the letter i recieved today. "General form of judgement or order Dear markwareham7 Before district judge jones sitting at coventry county court, 140 much park street, coventry IT IS ORDERED THAT 1. Claim struck out at 4pm 5th November 2010 unless by then the claimant has paid the Hearing fee. 2. Final hearing vacated and re listed to allow time for compliance with previous direction which will continue to apply. 3. Parties to provide Court by 4 pm 12th November 2010 details of any dates within the next 3 months on which they or their witnesses are available with reasons. 4. Any party affected by this order may apply to the court to have it set aside varied or stayed.Such application must be made in accordance with CPR part 23 within 7 days of service of this order by 4.00 p.m. on the 7th day. Dated 27 October 2010" Now this letter has confused me somewhat as the case hearing isnt untill tuesday 2nd nov, so could someone please translate this into english please Much appreciated as always
  5. Hey guys, A little update. Around 28 days ago i recieved a letter from the court saying they had recieved my defense, and sent a copy to lowells. It also stated that lowells may contact me to try and settle (they havent) and that lowells have 28 days to reply to the court, otherwise the case will be stayed. Today i recieved something called a Allocation questionnaire. What is this? I have to fill it out and send it to the court near where i live. There's questions also pointing to me actually having to go to court to defend in person. I wasnt aware this would happen, i thought it could all be dealt with through mail. Anyway, if someone could shed some light as to what all this is and what will happen next, id appreciate it. My thanks as always
  6. Oh I hope they do! The proof I sent to the court were statements sent to me by them, so if they go to court with the same thing but with a changed payment, they will look so silly and I would imagine, could be in a bit of trouble!
  7. Defense is all done, I included statements which prove that no payment was made between 2001 and 2008 which makes the debt statute barred. I also included a copy of the CPR repuest that i had no reply to. Hopefully this all goes well. Watch this space, will update when i hear something. Thanks to everyone that has helped so far!!
  8. You raise an interesting point in my case. In one of te letters i recieved awhile ago, they said "we know you own a house". I wish i owned a house!! I rent! lol. Shows how thorough their research is!!
  9. Hey guys, Its been over 7 days since i sent the letter to lowells. Not recieved anything back, so exactly what do i do next. Am i right in thinking that i write on the defense form that i believe the debt to be statute barred and that i sent a leeter to lowells asking for those details but never recieved them, and do i also send a copy of the letter that i sent to lowells?
  10. will send acknowledgement to the court and the letter to lowells tomorrow. Quick question about the letter to lowells, in the letter it says they have 7 days to act, what if they don't act within the 7 days?
  11. I've just dug out some old paperwork from lowells. Along with all the threat letters, all I could find is some statements of the account in question. I can't find the cca they sent, and it's got me thinking. When I cca requested them, I think I might have just recieved these statements. The statements are dated between the years 2000-2008. I think 2008 is when they bought the debt. The only payment showing on these statements is a payment I made in 2001. All the other month are 0.00. So this debt is surely statute barred and these statements surely prove that right? On a seperate statement from lowells however, there is a payment of £112 which I think I payed them in 2008 when they rang me with their scare tactics. That payment does NOT re-open the already statute barred debt right?
  12. Hey ODC. Thanks for your reply. Yep, all looks official. I did send the statute barred letter in april and had no response. Then recieved this last week. What do you think they are playing at? Do you personally think i should defend? Also last year, i cca requested them and they sent a poorly photo copied sheet of paper with my sig on, thats all as far as i can remember.
  13. Here are the particulars of the claim http://i791.photobucket.com/albums/yy193/markwareham7/IMG_0273.jpg So does everyone think that defending is the way to go? Whats the worst that could happen with defending?
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