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  1. The latest news is I have had a major heart attack resulting from all the stress this issue has brought on. When I came out of hospital I really wasn't feeling well at all and the bailliff turned up on my doorstep, despite being sent a communication that they were not to do so. I engaged a company called Bailliff Advice (a trading style of P.A.C.E. Associates (UK) Ltd) to deal with the bailliff company whom they ignored anyway and turned up regardless claiming he had not seen the documents sent to their head office. I showed hime the documents and he still ignored them, so that was £15
  2. They say their computer system is without fault and if it says I owe the money then there is no argument against it. They submitted a printout of the account and it is all numbers which even I couldn't decipher. I was going to try and cross check with my records, but the computer died completely and I cannot retrieve those records. The originals of the missing product claim documents are in the possession of B/W, but I did find all the weekly summary sheets from the distributors that shows all the returns, faulty goods and missing product figures they put
  3. It is asking for advice, but mainly to inform others that they are going to be fleeced by taking up this job, plus to highlight that the legal system is heavily weighted against the man in the street. Citizen's Advice were helpful but no more than that. Trading Standards are suffering budget cuts so it is probably more efficient for them to go searching out grubby takeaway joints than spend resouces investigating my complaint. If it is considered to be a criminal offence, the police don't want to know either. The county court system should have rung alarm bells when my written plea for
  4. Betterware isn't an MLM company. You might have been thinking of Kleeneze which is. I went to the county court to defend it but this idiot got the time of the hearing mixed up. I thought it was 2.30pm but it was at 2.00pm. I was there at 1.45pm and realised just a minute after 2.00 I should have signed in, but the judge had already gone home worse luck. Betterware didn't appear but sent a letter to the court, the contents of which I have never seen. I applied to have the judgement set aside on the basis that the debt had been acrued illegally and not recoverable in law. They sti
  5. At some point in our lives we may find ourselves in a position where you NEED a job. I signed up with Betterware as a "Co-ordinator" which roughly translated means area manager in charge of several or more Distributors in a set geographical area. The position was self employed. The job entailed taking weekly orders from the Distributors, collating them and entering the orders online to Betterware HQ. The entire value of those orders was placed onto your co-ordinator's "running financial account" in your name. When the goods arrived they turned up in huge boxes which
  6. From the 23rd of December when I sent an appeal letter against the dismissal until this current date I am no further forward at all. They finally managed to arrange an appeal hearing on the 12th February 2009 chaired by a Regional Manager. The letter said my dismissal and grievances would be addressed at the meeting. I had applied to the Employment Tribunal the day before this meeting was arranged because I had heard nothing from them for the prescribed 28 days. Initially, he stressed that there appeared to be little wrong with my perfomance in the initial weeks but it had tailed o
  7. On the unfair dismissal aspect I know that 1 year's continuous service is required to apply to a Tribunal for unfair dismissal. Nobody has mentioned a private pursuit in the County Court However, thee are still the issues of unlawful deductions from wages, breaches of the working tine regulations and age discrimintion to consider.
  8. A very good guess I must say, or is there a hallmark that you recognise?
  9. Hi all. Right now I will apologise for the length of this post, but I will try and break it up into segments, because it is rather long and the whole picture tells the full story. I have been working for an energy supplier as a field sales person for some 7 months. Right from the word go I disagreed with the doorstep script I was being taught because I felt it wasn't being 100% honest towards prospects. Big deal you might say, but it does have a bearing because at the interview I specifically asked to sell a product purely on it's own merits ethically and honestly. At the interview too
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