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  1. Thanks for the info so far. I'll write back to them requesting they send the relevant letters through. I don't suppose they need to provide proof of posting do they?
  2. I received a breakdown of fees from equita regarding a parking fine they collected. I'd be grateful if anyone could let me know if their are any discrepencies in them Initial warrant amount £110.00 02/07/09 Bailiff letter sent to defendant requesting they contact us (£12.88) 03/07/09 The DVLA report the vehicle LD** *** is registered to Mr D**** ***** at (My old Address) 09/07/09 Bailiff called to levy, no contact made, left letter (fee £39.10) 16/07/09 Further bailiff visit made to contact debtor. 21/07/09 Case issued to bailiff; (bailiffs name) to visit 22
  3. thanks for the quick reply - So just to clarify I have no need to contact equita again then. Is there a specific website that has a list of fees that should be applied for bailiff visits? Thanks
  4. On the 18th of August I sent a letter recorded delivery to equita bailiffs requesting a breakdown of fees charged for collection of an unpaid parking ticket. The £10.00 enclosed cheque was cashed around six weeks later but I have not yet received any information. As this is over the 40 days stipulated and no reply has been received can somebody please advise me of my next course of action. DO I go straight to the small claims court or write to them again? Thanks
  5. Hi, I recently send a subject access request to equita requesting a breakdown of the charges applied to a parking ticket. I have enclosed the £10.00 and sent it recorded delivery. The letter has been signed for and around 30 days have passed but the cheque is yet to be cashed. Can somebody please advise where I stand after the 40 days required under the Data protection act and what my next step should be Thanks in Advance
  6. Excellent, I look forward to seeing some updates in the future keep up the good work
  7. Thanks for the information. May I ask why you gave up on this one? Is it a dead end or worth me following it up with my local force?
  8. Hi, Can anyone tell me when the practice of police assisting bailiffs on roadside checks actually stopped Thanks
  9. That's all well and good but when they are threatening to turn up at your house and take your car then we would sooner settle the debt and reclaim it at a later date. Again I'm just after advice on how to pay and whether the equita can refuse to accept payment.
  10. I think it was around £60.00 so obviously it's a substantial increase Thank you for the link but the parking fine isn't really the issue as we admit liability in that respect. I was after advice on how to deal with the bailiff who failed to respond to our calls etc
  11. Hello, My partner recently received notification from her previous landlord that a bailiff from equita had visited her previous property in regards to an outstanding parking fine. We're not disputing the fine went unpaid and we obviously didn't receive any correspondence from them as she failed to change the address via the DVLA After she called him the bailiff refused to accept either full payment of £382.00 this coming Thursday (payday) or ANY offer of installments. He then stated that she had 24 hours to pay or they would seize her car. She managed to borrow the money a
  12. Hiya, I'm in the same situation - the bays seem to be incorrectly marked after looking at the various diagrams on the web but are there any images of these "grandfarthered" bays? Thanks
  13. Hello All, New to the forum so a big hello to everyone. I recently received a pcn for overstaying my ticket. The bay is marked correctly but the only signs that were visable were ones that stated "pay at meter" or words to that effect. am I correct in thinking the parking times etc need to be displayed on a sign or are they ok just on the actual meter? Thanks Dave
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