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  1. Hmm.... the letter from wurst crudit is standard template job. To me I feel this has all the prescribed terms however this is not definite. Can someone who knows pass comment please?
  2. Oh dear... for them! You can choose to either contact them and let them know they have not supplied a fully executed agreement or you can just hang back and watch their next move...
  3. Much better. I would say that the page on its own does not contain the prescribed terms applicable to a running credit agreement. Is that all they sent?
  4. This is not a challenge but a genuine question - how do we know they are avid readers?
  5. Can you please take a photo of the application form and post it on here please.
  6. You are quite correct, application forms can double as consumer credit agreements but they must state that consumer credit agreement regulations. Your application form does not contain the prescribed terms and is nothing more than proof that you completed an application form....
  7. Bet is was LCS... They are just part of Wurst Credit so dont get phased. Can you provide some info on when the loan was taken, was it secured etc etc?
  8. BB, Hi Welcome to CAG... Its best that you start your own thread so you can get more focused help on your questions!! Cheers...
  9. Really? Can you point me to the legislation that changed please?
  10. Its your call where you write to, my letters came from Hull, every reply went to Saltcoats and in every instance I got a reply within 3 working days (with Hull on the envelope) so everything was working fine
  11. It would be good to see if they have a deed of assignment, I would guess not tho - it would seem that Wescot are acting on behalf of Barclays
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