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  1. And what happens if you are not on the electoral roll?
  2. Did we ascertain who this vehicle was owned by? If it is the daughter then I would be more concerned about that than the MOT issue. As we know, there are good and bad insurance companies and some will wriggle no matter what. A company cannot repudiate a claim on the basis of a lack of MOT alone; if it can be demonstrated that the vehicle was not roadworthy, then that is another matter. The lack of MOT will impact on the total loss settlement as that is normally the "current market value at the time of the loss" and a market value would be affected by the lack of MOT. If OP has insur
  3. Floral Dance - Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band (featuring Terry Wogan)
  4. Is it possible for a charging order to be put on a property that is jointly owned, when only one of the parties is responsible for a debt? The property was bought jointly, joint mortgage, payment from joint bank account. The two parties are friends only, not related or partners. Thanks
  5. It is a tricky one, because if I don't tell them where I am then I can't enter into any dialogue with them about the account. My thoughts were that they may be put off even commencing court action if they knew they it would lead nowhere. I don't want you to think that I am asking for advice and then arguing why I should not take it, but I am not sure the leaving them to find me option is really there. If I was trying to find me, with the help of google it would take about two minutes, whether I had told them or not. If it had been a deliberate attempt to disappear, I would have covered my
  6. Radiobirdman, could I ask you to have a look at my thread and tell me what you think? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/147362-confused-overseas-where-do-new-post.html
  7. I am not in a default situation with my bank. Also would an NZ debt collecting agency have the right to collect a UK debt?
  8. OK I will come clean and say it is a few more than 5 or 6, a couple of them are small-ish but a couple are quite big. I have had credit cards for years and done the balance transfer shuffle and then when things got tough, it was easy to just move from one to the next until there was nowhere else to go. Are there are any circumstances where credit card companies band together to pursue a debt? If my bank knows my NZ address (and I think they do) would they be allowed to share this with other parties?
  9. Thank you both for your helpful replies. From the research I have done so far there is no reciprocal agreement between NZ and the UK, so I assume anything done in a UK court would have no jurisdiction here. I haven't quite decided what to do, I have never been in this situation before but I just wanted to be informed about my options. One of my main concerns is not to drag my sister in my mess. She is very well informed and no wallflower but even so this is not her problem, she has already helped me out and I don't see why she should have to be bugged because of me. She has had a fe
  10. Thanks Dave and good luck with all you are doing too I have started a new thread here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/147362-confused-overseas-where-do.html#post1555077 Presumably they have the same time limits to comply and I have the same rights if they don't, even if I am asking nicely?
  11. I now live outside the Uk ( I think you can guess where!) and have some debt issues to attend to. My question is where do I start. They are mostly credit cards and taken out some time back. At present none of them are in default but it is only a matter of time as I cannot keep on top of the payments. I want to be completely up to speed with everything before bad things start to happen! I have been using my sisters address as my UK contact address but I do not want her to be caught up in any fall out from my issues. Should I therefore advise these companies of my NZ address ( it a PO
  12. Is it correct that the statute barred period is affected if you are out of the country at some point during the six years. I am currently overseas, I don't have any intention of going back, but if I did is the time I was away excluded from the six years? Hope that makes sense!
  13. Aren't these the same people who charged 20 quid a head to go to their wedding?!
  14. I hope you don't mind me popping up in this thread but there seem to be a lot of knowledgeable people on here, not to mention the fabulous Dave! My situation is slightly different so I thought I would ask for some advice. I have a number of credit cards and a couple of loans, none of which are in default yet but it is only a matter of time, I am just about hanging on in there. I have not been in correspondence with any of the companies to advise of financial difficulties. All of the credit cards have been in force for probably 10 years or so and a few have changed creditor at some po
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