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  1. Hi all, I need to send a letter to a DCA to tell them to bugger off while I have referred the original debt back to my original creditor, they (DCA) keep ringing and writing threatening court action. I have drafted this up as the main content and would appreciate any comments/suggestions. Letter: You should be aware that the above account has been referred back to GMAC and is the subject of a major dispute at present. I am not obliged to make any payment to you nor are you allowed to request a payment is made. I suggest you get in touch with GMAC should you require more information. Yours sincerley, Adzya
  2. Hi all, A question - when an account is in dispute i.e. Credit Card charges reclaim and/or Repaying a overdraft, do I have to make payments on these accounts whilst I am trying to claim back the money which has been unlawfully taken from me? Thanks, Adam
  3. I work for a Insurance company so subbing with interest and I will help where I can.
  4. How does this sound and have I got everything right? Dear Sir, I am in receipt of your final response letter and it does not seem to resolve any of the queries I have raised so I will include extra information for your consideration. Enclosed is a section of the CCA – you will see that where PPI is mentioned there is no cost. Yet on the default you issued on 21 May 2008 it says I am in arrears for PPI, can you please justify why I am paying for this if on the CCA it says there is no cost. Also on closer inspection of the CCA the figures do not add up, to repay a sum of £10682.80 the repayments would need to be £178 per month not the repayments that it says on the agreement. Something is not right as the total amount payable based upon those repayments means that the total amount payable is £9832.80 not £10682.80 as the agreements states. I expect to be reimbursed in full for the cost of the PPI or I will be asking the FOS to investigate this matter, as I believe I have been unlawfully deprived of money. Also, you have not justified your reasoning for the second default notice you have enforced, I would like you to reconsider this as I have not defaulted under the payments agreed with Close Assistance. Yours sincerely
  5. Received a letter from the saying that I need to take the PPI query up with the garage and that the default still stands - even though I haven't defaulted!! help please!
  6. Printed and sent. I will wait with baited breath for the "Go for it sunshine" letter
  7. beforehand i sent a pre-lim for repayment so should I now fire off this one? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/92-3-letter-before-action.html
  8. Hi there, I have received this letter stating that if I file my claim through a County Court they will apply for an order to stay my action until the case is resolved by the OFT.. I know on a previous post I was told to file at County Court but will they think I am stupid if I do that as they have said in the letter they will apply for an staying order? Letters are below - any help appreciated!
  9. Hi there, I work in the Direct Debit department of an Insurance Company, and the clause that states you are entitled to a full and immediate refund actually relates to the payment itself (ie if a company take £23.00 in error - you are entitled to that £23.00 back immediately.) If you incur bank charges as a result of the error, this needs to be taken up with the company that have made the error.
  10. Great news!! Lets hope they finally see sense and do the decent thing
  11. couldn't locate any other documents so I will wait with anticipation for your reply!!
  12. Ok thank you, while you are doing that I will triple check I have no more documents from them! Appreciate all your help
  13. What should I do then - write to them telling them the agreement is unenforceable and requesting my money back? What would you advise?
  14. The only payments I have seen for the cost of the PPI is on the default notice that got sent where it says I am in arrears..
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