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  1. Hi. Mr X did not live anywhere else or have another home. The pub was his main home until he left. My friend left before he did
  2. Hi. ID6025 This guy is using her personal home address as her is address and he dont live there. never has. Maybe i used the wrong tem when i said ID Fraud. The guy re directed mail that was sent to his address saying that not known at addressnd put her address down. When she spoke to the solocitor who sent her the letter she was advised that Mr XXsid he owned the property she lives in. That is all untrue. Sorry if I was not being very clear. My friend ran the pub jointly with mr X for a few months. 3 I believe. She left before he did. She has her own 1st home where she pays council tax. The pub was kinda the second home. On days she could not get back home she would live in.The time she was joint manager was the same time relating to the debt. I'm not sure if Mr X was liable of council tax at another address duing this period.
  3. Hi there. Im writing this on behalf of a friend as she is soo upset and I have an profile on the consumer forum. Please see if you can help My friend was a joint manager with another guy of a public house around 2 years ago. She stayed at the premisis 3 nights a week and spent the other nights/days at home. Today when she got home there was a letter for a court summons addressed to the guy she ran the pub with and her name asking her to appear in court. She contacted the council in question and said that thie man has no connction with her. That he does not live at the address, never has never will. The person whom she was talking to brought up the account and said that they sent the letter to him at his address but it was RTS with the forwarding address being hers. How can she prove that this bill is not linked to her and that he's being using ID fraud.
  4. I mean 'The Other officer' not 'Three other officerse' sorry it's been a fustrating day. I did not mean any offence buy using the term 'coppers'. its just that I'm very fustrated. I was calm and respectful throughout when stopped and apologies to anyone who has been offended. As to the below questions **Were they following you?** Dont know could have been. When i left the pub two offices saw me walk out and go to my car? **Were they parked and then came behind you-** did not see any car parked up and then pull up behind me? **or were they coming from another road on the junction and had to brake as you came across in front of them?** No. when i drove past the junction i say the car behind had right indecators then they changed and followed me with blue flashes. **what possible benefit would there be for the officer to write you a false fixed penalty ticket?** i wish i had an answer to this.
  5. Hi. Light was not Red. Does not matter what the coppers say. No cctv on lights so there word agains mine. IF i was drinking and had vodka you would not be able to smell it on my breath. It's sod's law. If infomation issued was incorrect on the ticket surly this would make the ticket invalid. The other officer (female) did not come out the car at all. It all so fustrating that people are becoming victims of non offences.I was alone in the car so do not have a leg to stand on.
  6. The office has written in the offence code box that the motoring offence is 600 coutra-euk led traffic light -junction
  7. Hi GH what happenend when your friend appelaed and lost? did he get more points added or did the original penalty stay? did he only have an automatic licence but was told on the ticket he was driving a manual which in my oppion is breaking the law as well. just a few questions i would like help on as my situation is contradicting itself
  8. thanks GH. The thing that im so [[EDIT] about is that the officer made a point that i blatently jumped the red, that he though i was drunk, when i said i was coming home from working in a pub did not breathalize me, then he made the mistake on the vehicle information. The officer has said im not paying attention but he was clearly paying attention himself also what is offence code 600
  9. im a new driver and have only held my licence for 11 months. I'm a good driver. last night on my way home from work at the junction prior my home i was pulled over. The officre got out of his car came up to my car and asked me to step out of the vehicle. He asked me: where have i been tonight... - i replied I'm coming back from woring in the One Crown pub. if i knew why he had stopped me? .....- i did not have a clue said i ran a red light. .......(I find that hard to believe). asked if i was colourblind - i said no. said it was a blatent red... he asked me to look at the colour of the light ( now in the opp direction) and asked what colour is that? i responded red and he said so why did i go through a red light. - i though the lights were green. I do not jump lights. he issued me a ticket and wanted me to take out my licence. he walked me to the passanger side door of my car and i took out my licence. he said go sit in your car and he will draw up the ticket. when back to his car and him and three other offices in the car drew up the ticket. He came back to the driver side car window and explained the ticket to me. I asked him if i could appeal this as i am sure i did not go through a red light as i am a good driver even though im a new driver. He said i can appeal this but it is my word against him and the other officers and i could end up with more point and a larger fine so it is not worth it. I said is there any way this can be just a telling off and the ticket can be voided. i really did not want 3 points on my licence. He said he could not because i jumped a red light and that his first thought was that the driver may have beeen drunk. the ticket was issued and here i am. I dont get that i was not breathalised (not that this makes a difference to the acclaimed offence) but i did say i was coming home from pub. I also notice that the ticket has a error on it and says that i am driving a manual car which is incorrect as i only have a automatic licence and surly this should have been noticed when the offier was looking at my details. What should i do? ibelivere the two offers were just out to book someone. I was the target as i was alone driver so i do not have any witnesses.
  10. Hay there. it basicly cays that this is to inform you of the arrears and that they will continue to send me letters every 6 months or so because they do not have to send me letters any more regular then that.....blah blah blah.... and that ther eis no monthy interest or charf on the account if i do not pay but i have an outstanding amount to pay.....yar-de-dah.... i have stopped getting the letters every 21 days saying they are looking at for my agreement.....blah blah blah... my folder i have for the DLC is marked BIM....lol that where it will be filed
  11. received this in the post today. shall i file it under BIN?
  12. Hi Newstarter Thanks. I looked at some numbers and have noticed this. We were on 7.89% paying back £580 per month on our mortgage (25 Y). We were told when the finicial advisor visited us that we would be moved on to an interest only.(Not Sure if this started a new fixed term) We are now paying back £630 per month (some of this may be what we owed the HA but i thought that was going to be added onto the end of the mortgage term). I still think that 7.89% is v.high. I have sent the building society a letter by email to ask them some questions as to why our payments have gone up so much. Advise would be appreciated
  13. Hi pls can i have some help and advise. We have had our mortgate on a 40% share (75k) for 2.5 years. The mortage is only in my partners name (my credit was not good at the time) and we got the mortagage on a 100% deal. My partner is self employed. Has been and was when the mortgage was taken out. Since we have moved into our home my partner has been in and out of work for the whole 2.5 years and also spent months without work. We were on a capital payment on a fixed 7.89% (Leeds Building Society). Due to hardship, my partner did not paid the mortgage for months. Nor did he pay the rent to the HA. In total we owed the HA approx 3k and the building society 3k. A finicial advisor came to visit us and told us that we needed to move onto a interest only deal however this has only made a difference of around £50 per month on our mortgage. (The Building Society agreed to add the arrears of the mortgage and the arrears of the HA to the end of our mortgage term) We are still with the Leeds but since July 2010 we have been moved to a interest only mortage. I think that the payments are very high and do not know what to do. our utility bills have gone up this winter and with the VAT increase and no doubt our service charges with the HA going up we are going to struggle. We do not want to have to have so may cut backs for the rest of our lives just to own a mortage especially one where out mortgage and rent is over £1100 per month (ex bills) and we only own 40%. Please can you give me some adivse. Are we paying far too much on our mortgage (£630 pm) on an interest only?
  14. Err. today i received a statment of account.?? confussed what to do....it details the creditor details (DLC), my details, original date of agreement which is 1999? Duration of agreement....not longer applicable.....opening balance and closing balance..... shall i just file this under BIN?
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