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  1. nothing from Lloyds in that respect, as for the DCA they have only left messages for me to contact them which because of past dealings with DCA's I,ve ignored.
  2. hello ericsbrother thanks for the reply, just a thought, should Lloyds have let me know they were using a DCA
  3. Hi, I've just read through the 2nd credit report this one from Equifax and like the Experian report there is no mention of a debt or any payments made. Meanwhile had 2 more calls left from a DCA which I have ignored, should I now send a SB letter in answer to the Lioyds letter I recieved a few weeks ago or just wait and see what there next move is. PS, Ignore the negative factor bit in my last post,did'nt quite understand the report till read twice more.
  4. thanks for that , I have just got a report from Experian but it does'nt report any debt figure or who I owe but it does show , ''1 negative factor'' I assume this is the one to be interested in but there is no other details, please advise , meanwhile I''ll get a report from Equifax, thanks again.
  5. thanks Brigadier onto it now, whats the reason for getting 3 reports, do they vary ?
  6. how do l find out who owns the debt
  7. yes this is the only DCA to contact me since Dec 2008, just a thought though the statute barred letter to Lloyds, will this not start the ball rolling again by admitting the debt as this has not been quite 6yrs.
  8. Righto, thanks for that I'll write off to them, meanwhile should l continue to ignore the DCA thats trying to contact me ?
  9. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, I'm in England, my last payment was £25 according to the Lloyds statement and was on the 17/1/07 then after was the so called £1 payment on 11/6/08. Looking through the paperwork I have, my last letter was dated 15/12/08 stating the s.77/78 consumer credit act 1974 this was to 1st credit, (3rd DCA I'd had to deal with on this matter) I don't know if this letter is an acknwledgement of the debt.
  10. Hi , I last posted on the site in 2008 about a credit card debt , l had arranged with the creditor to freeze the account and pay x amount a month in 2006, then without telling me they sold it to a DCA so l paid them as arranged but then ended up in hospital and missed my payments, l was then contacted by another DCA to pay up or else, by this time I'd seen your site on got some good advice and sent off the appropriate templates, ie telephone harrasment and consumer credit act 74 and enclosed £1.00 p/o. They wrote and said they would forward my request to their client and should here from them shortly this was DEC 2008 and have heard nothing from anyone until recently. I recieved a statement from Lloyds recoveries outlining the payments I'd made from 2004 till 17-1-07 and a payment made of £1.00 on the 11/6/08 which I believe was for the request of the credit agreement. Is this debt statute barred ?. I now have had 2 calls left on my answer machine from another DCA asking me to ring back. I have not answered any letters or phone calls to these people yet. After paying off approx £500 the debt is still the same according to Lloyds letter. I hoe someone can advice me on this and thanks for reading.
  11. Thanks for the info Pinky69 & 2Grumpy, I did'nt send a formal letter of request or £1.00, I will get onto that today and the telephone harassment letter too. I wish I had known all this info in the 1st place my brother told me about action group when I mentioned to him about AIC but that was after I'd stupidly given them personnel info, still kicking myself. Anyway thanks again.
  12. Up until May 07 I was paying off a TSB card debt to a DCA called Robinson Way & Co, the debt at that time was down to approx £6.500. At the end of April 07 I was admitted to hospital for 6 wks due to a critical illness, while their things got a little confusing to say the least. When I got home there was a letter from the above DCA saying how sorry they were I had not kept up the payments and it was out of there hands and I should contact TSB, I tried this but nobody seemed to be able to connect me to the proper dept, after a few more attempts I gave up, I thought someone would contact me. 1yr on they did AIC demanding full payment or else. Well you can imagine , I'm unemployed, have no savings, anyway I wrote back asking for evidence that they are acting for TSB and a copy of the CCA,and not to phone me, no reply to that shot across the bows only continued with there phone call harassment which I don't answer.14th April I recieved a final notice of intent, I replied to this asking why they had'nt answered my initial letter(I sent this reg mail).No reply only phone calls.19th May another letter to say they are reviewing my files to see if further action is warranted and to urgently contact them, and asking me if I am experiencing financial problems,(better late than never).Also the debt has risen £500 from the last DCA. Today another call from them and a message left to urgently contact them, I ignored yet again. Is it possible to get blood out of a stone? I think not, however what does concern me is my health, will I be able to sustain this intimerdation or will it cause a relapse. I hope there's enough info here for you all, and hope you can help with what to do next. Thanks.
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