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  1. Hello !! Does anyone know how to contact the fraud team/department in o2
  2. Buzby The main thing is that i need to get my number back . I am just the middle caught in this mess . As i said i have obtained a letter from vanilla about there mess. o2 have cancelled my contract and taken 2 months rental.
  3. no i only orderd one phone , but Vanilla mobile send me two. the order was processed twice by Vanilla. My d/d was taken out from the 1st phone i recived which was some one else name
  4. buzby The story goes like this, orderd a phone over the web from a compny call vanillla mobile part of carphone warehouse paid a deposit of £150.00. vanilla sent out two phone to my address first phone on right address wrong name, i sent back the phone to vanilla mobile. they sent me another phone with my name and address. i used the network for 2 months, bills were sent by o2 to me believing the money was taken from my deposit. Than suddenly i am off net work, 02 accused me of fraud. i do have a letter from vanilla mobile about the mistake which was faxed to o2. Vanilla mobile ent
  5. Buzby how and were do i find out if i can obtain the number, or the original net work which own the number! and how about the legal side of this case with o2 and compney (x). o2 have cancelled the contract and have agreed to refund my deposit !! i hope
  6. Hello no one can lock the meter box transco will be call in.
  7. Thank you buzby for your advice. is ther any way i can get number from the the original network . The reason being this number was used as part of my business. & I do have letter from the company saying its there mistake. if so what action can i take against this company (legal if possible) and o2
  8. Please help anyone!! I bought a mobile over the web,the company (x) in question enterd the wrong bank details, the network provider o2 accused me of fraud,,but (x) company admitted the mistake but o2 are having non of that have ,now i am disconnected which i accept but are not releasing my mobil no which i have had years:mad:
  9. Please help Can any one help me please, I need some advise. I bought a mobile phone over the web the company in question (X) entered the wrong bank details, so the service provider (o2) accused me of fraud, but the company (x) has admitted there mistake, but o2 is having non of that ,and disconnted me and are refusing to relise my mobile no which i have had for years.
  10. help I bought a mobile phone over the web (x) company in question entered the wrong bank details, i was than accused of fraud by the service provider but the(x) compnay admitted there mistake !!! But the service provider cancelled my contact and is nor preperd to to release my number which i have had for years.
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