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  1. Why are you trying to get out of a loan anyway? I fail to understand why people do this it is just totally abuse of the system. I mean do you not have a copy of credit agreemtn you would have been sent at least twice. The only thing you are trying to do is [problem] your way out from paying a bill.
  2. The property was rented tenants recently just moved out as we are trying to sell and felt it would not have been right to get tenants to sign new contract. We have been trying to sell property since June 08, but no takers surprise surprise.
  3. Guys I dont know where to start currently 2 months in mortgage arrears and was speaking with lender today as we had initial arrangement in place to pay £1300 but was unable to make this month as tenants have done a runner. They then hit me with bombshell that they are taking property but and it has been passed to receivers (Touchstone) without no warning or anything. We even just put the property up for auction which has cost us £450. Any advice would be appreciated and also is there anything I can do. Thanks
  4. Hi guys I have a slight worrying situation arising in that my mortgage will be increasing by £400 per month as coming off fixed rate discount. I spoke with Mortgage Company (Northern Trust) and made them aware that I will have difficulty paying increased amount. We made them aware that property is up for sale with 2 estate agents so would hope to sell soon which has not been the case with the market how it currently is. All they keep saying is that they will go to court to gain repossession. I am not sure what to do so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. As Jon said only through solicitor as needs to be in place prior to completing.
  6. Thanks Chris copy of letter below, please anyone feel free to make any adjustments. Dear Complaints Department, I am writing regarding my claim for theft of my motor vehicle on the 25th April 08. Unfortunately we have had to make a complaint as I do not feel you are giving me any information to what is happening or any genuine time scales to conclusion of my claim. Since the claim has started you have only sent one letter confirming you have received all documents but have no update since then. I have spoken with your operators on the phone almost on a daily basis not once have we been able to speak with our claims Handler Ellen Church. The information we are given is always different which gives us very little confidence. I have been told over the last two weeks that claim should be settled shortly and details are just being looked into, we have received no writing notification about this just verbal. I have been prompted to write this letter from the Financial Ombudsman Service, as we have no idea what to do from here. If someone could please come back to me with a genuine update on when this will be settled as we really do not feel we are being treated and can not believe how this is being handled. I have been suffering considerable inconvenience without a car therefore as you seem to be taking too long to settle enabling me to purchase another you. I intend hiring a replacement vehicle the cost for which I believe you will be liable.
  7. Still no update now saying maybe 2 weeks until all concluded, got knows why it can be taking so long. I dont think I will ever own a car again If insurers behave like this and the reoprting time is a joke FSA have said we need to give them 8 weeks to reply to complaint. Just dont know what to do.
  8. Thanks everyone certainly am going to put complaint in just not sure will make any difference as they are so negative on the phone and tell us the same rubbish everytime. Anyway just an update they apparantley almost there now and file will move from claim handler to department which makes payment, they can not tell us when but will be soon. They then said they would give a check with all the councils to see if they have the vehicle which we have done on numerous occasions. I am sure we are just going around in circles, who should we complain to and what is FOS. Thanks everyone!
  9. Hi we have a Non - Regulated HP Agreement for our vehicle which has been stolen (still waiting for payout another story) and have recently found out that we have to pay off all the interest before any of the loan amount. The agreement is for 5 years we are now into 3rd year, they said that we have been given a rebate but when insurance finally payout we will still be left with around £10,000 owing (No gap insurance). To make matters worse the lender (Paragon) does not offer car loans anymore so we will have to try and find a way to pay the money. I suppose I am asking if there is anything we can do seems so unfair for them to charge all the interest upfront, we certainly was not told so on taking out policy. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  10. I have been looking at site for a while and am really impressed with what I have seen. We currently have a situation with our insurers Privilege who just seem to be dragging there heals with our claim and are also not providing us with any information regarding what is going on. The car was stolen on the 25th April so claim has been active since 26th April and they just will not tell us anything. Any request for information they require has been provided asap although they claim it takes almost 5 days to get on there system. I just really need some advise on what we can do to be treated decently we are really being made to feel like we have done something wrong. Any help with a plan to move forward would be most appreciated. As it currently stands we have no car, finance agreement and no idea what to do next. Thanks
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