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  1. theoldrouge Thanks. You have no idea what you have just done. Having read what I have just read as a result of you pointing me to the above thread I realise I absolutely have a miss-selling case worth what looks like hundreds of thousands of pounds assuming the principle of being placed back in the position you were before you were ripped off. I am too exhausted to explain further as I have been on the computer for days & days all day to the exclusion of everything else. I always did know all this really , but with me being fobbed off right left & centre by absolutely eve
  2. I spoke to the Ombudsman & they didn't know what it was, saying they had never heard of something like this, but advised me to look at t&c and send it all to them anyway so they could find out if it was actionable.
  3. Thanks Dx100uk I had heard a lot about PPI & I had already had a careful think whether I had taken out any PPI & concluded that as I was completely unaware of being in any situation where I had voluntarily taken out a loan or any kind or credit card etc, where I had then also deliberately & specifically thought I'll take out payment protection insurance ( I had once actually looked at this & was of the opinion that it was very expensive & cover was so limited as to be virtually worthless anyway and definitely not something I would e
  4. When I took out a mortgage with SPML (& previously with other lenders) there was a large figure of about £1000 for an insurance premium added to the loan. I didn't understand what it was at all & asked for an explanation. I was told a) that it was compulsory (wrong ?) & b) that it was insurance not for me but the the lender so that if I failed to pay the mortgage this insurance policy was in place to re-imburse the lender if I couldn't pay. I now realise this must have been single premium PPI & therefore should be reclaimed plus all the interest . Can so
  5. Searching via Google is pretty useless for finding legal judgements. It is quite difficult even for lawyers to research legal cases and they have to learn how to actually do it as part of their legal studies - which indicates it is a complicated process & you need to have access to the specialist law libraries to do it which is why Google is useless.
  6. JamesH1 I have only just today realised that I might have a PPI claim exactly similar to yours. I was floundering around looking where to post about it when I came across this thread & think I might (subject to me verifying it) that I think you and I both have a bog standard PPI claim. The insurance you are rabbiting on about is, I think, something I remember querying with a mortgage provider. I didn't understand what it was at all & asked for an explanation. I was told a) that it was compulsory (wrong ?) & b) that it was insurance not for me but the the lender so tha
  7. I was just saying exactly what you have just said in a much more long winded way caused by attempting to explain where the legal type logic led - which is to the person with lawful possession & if that fails because they can't be got hold of then applying to a court as an alternative. Using the police to make a complaint could be helpful in this respect if the person with legal possession is unhelpful and if they are a bank you can be sure they will be extremely unhelpful.
  8. As you correctly state, the 'agency' which other posters had assumed was a letting agency, is in fact the bailiff ( I presume) which takes possession & changes the locks. A separate 'agency' usually attends with the bailiff to make sure the property is safe and he turns off water and removes inflammable materials etc. So, as you appear to have located these two groups of people, you need to speak to them. If you haven't located them you need to do so by trying to find out from the 'landlady' . Also try speaking to the bank. Ask both the bank & the bailiff & the cleaning up pe
  9. SPARK ENERGY oh dear... I rented a very small two bedroom house and moved in on November 14th 2011. SPARK ENERGY were the electricity and gas supplier. When I received a huge bill from them and looked at their tariff I was astonished at how they were overcharging. They were just using a series of excuses to ramp up 'extra' charges and a higher tariff. They were impossible to telephone and they refused to email me. They sent me a bill for £323 for just six weeks consumption and I can see they are charging about double per Kwh electricity unit than other suppliers. They are also
  10. Would it be possible to recover monies wrongly taken by a bailiff some years ago ? A car registered to my (very mentally ill) partner was taken at 2 a.m. and sold (value several thousands) for one parking tickets worth of debt (inflated of course). The parking ticket was mine, in my name - nothing to do with partner. Because my partner became increasingly mentally ill (as severe as it can get) she couldn't 'cope' with allowing me to organise legal action to recover her cars value & I have been so battered by various events I haven't been able to pursue it either. But n
  11. Watchinginvestigation2011, I do know about 'say no to 0870' and I have used it a lot - I always try it out first when faced with this rip off. Unfortunately, the rip off businesses that are using this weasil con-trick to milk telephone users of money are wising up to the say to 0870 website and any other avoidance methods people try using to avoid being ripped off and businesses are making enormous efforts to hide all their landline numbers as much as they can. This means the say no to 0870 website is increasingly unable to provide alternative numbers to ring, as I have often found
  12. CAN WE ORGANISE A CAMPAIGN AGAINST THIS 'DREADFUL BEHAVIOUR' ? (I HAVE TO USE THE SLIGHTLY SILLY PHRASE 'DREADFUL BEHAVIOUR' BECAUSE THIS WEBSITE WILL NOT LET ME USE THE WORD '[problem]') Don’t you just loathe the way more and more businesses are using computerisation to manipulate their customers ? Particularly the 'DREADFUL BEHAVIOUR' of forcing customers to use chargeable premium 08 numbers when they need to contact a business, instead of ordinary telephone numbers for landlines. Some chargeable numbers (maybe all of them for all I know) are designed so the business is paid a
  13. Bankfodder, When I tried to make a case for mis-selling in the County Court when I was trying to fight of eviction, the Judge was ridiculous. He just dismissed any claim I might have on the grounds of 'out of time', & I had made payments, thereby acknowledging mortgage contract etc, and, most damning of all, I did not have 'clean hands' because I had self certified and filled out mortgage application form. The Judge also wittered on about how the poor lender might lose money if I wasn't evicted immediately and he said this has been 'going on long enough' (and must be concluded becaus
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