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  1. I am posting this for my daughter-in-law. She wrote all of this. 1. I left the flat in 2008, the supplier was Scottish power, I sorted the bills with them 2. The flat is shared ownership with xxxxxx, it failed to sell because of the shared ownership lease and I surrendered the keys in Jan 2017. 3. I have never asked eon to supply the flat and it was not needed as it was an empty property. 4. I was made bankrupt in 2017, the flat was included 5. Eon started sending me bills in my maiden name several years ago. I have repeatedly told them the above details but they simply ignore me and write and telephone daily. 6. They lodged a case with court last year which I defended, they withdrew their case. 7. They set up an account for me without my permission backdated to 2017 following their failed court case 8. I emailed them disputing this and again they ignored me and continued to harass me daily by telephone and in writing. Wanting access to the meters to take a meter reading etc. I have asked them to contact shared owner xxxxxxx, but they have ignored this. 9. I do not understand why they are still supplying this empty property when I have expressively said that I am not responsible for bills and they don’t have anyone else 10. I received another court letter and was several days late in lodging my defense due to covid so I have been asked to pay £1095.99 11. If I ask a solicitor to defend can I claim expenses from eon when I win. Hope you can advise. Thanks
  2. Hi Went on line to buy a Sound bar from Curry’s reserve and collect below is part of their Terms & Conditions. If you choose our Reserve and Collect service you will be given a reference number and details of your order. You will not be asked to pay until you collect the goods from your chosen store. Because all Reserve & Collect sales take place in our stores, sales are subject to the normal in-store terms of sale, statutory rights and the Manager's discretion. Just take your Reserve & Collect print out and/or reference number with you and our store will sell you the goods at the website price or store price, whichever is cheaper.
  3. Ask her for the address of the jewellers who said it would be £15.
  4. Hi Have a look at this link. http://www.ebay.co.uk/gds/Easy-Fix-Sky-HD-problems-Sky-HD-what-sky-dont-tell-you-/10000000177502659/g.html
  5. Did you have the house surveyed before buying,If so did they not mention this to you.
  6. Hi received a red letter from United Utilities the bill paid last week, payment over four quarters. I was surprised to see this at the end of the letter. Information about your payments behaviour will be shared with credits reference agency . This may affect your ability to obtain credits in the future as the lender will see this when you apply for credit. For more information see Unitedutilities.com/personaldetails On what grounds do they have the right to share this information.
  7. Hi Sofas not fit for purpose. Reject it now in writing.
  8. Look at this Link. http://www.oft.gov.uk/business-advice/soga/#.UYj2E8rYhKY
  9. Hi E55AAY Sofas not fit for purpose. Reject it now while you still have the chance.
  10. Google this. (The Official LG PA650T Plasma TV Thread) Click on avforums hope this helps.
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